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Category: Wedding Catering

May 14
Itinerary For Summer Destination Wedding

Summers in India are nothing short of scorching. The unforgiving heat becomes almost…

May 10
Intimate Wedding: A Beneficial Wedding Trend

Big gala ceremonies are typically required for Indian weddings considering they are…

May 04
Bite Size Wedding Snacks To Add To the Menu

Wedding catering brings all of the guests together, even though weddings are mostly a…

May 01
Must-Have Starters On Wedding Catering Menu

Indian weddings are all about glitz, drama, entertainment and oh-so-tasty food. No…

Apr 20
International Dishes Add to the Wedding Catering Menu

Food is one element of an Indian wedding that brings the celebration together and is…

Feb 08
Culinary Trends Changing Food Landscape In 2023

Indian weddings are grand, colourful, and culturally rich events that bring families…