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Big gala ceremonies are typically required for Indian weddings considering they are such lavish affairs. Some couples choose to keep it private and intimate, though. Among the most well-liked wedding trends, this year are intimate weddings. When compared to Indian weddings, having an intimate wedding may seem like a strange idea, but because of its advantages, people are starting to accept this trend. Let’s dive in and explore the benefits of having an intimate wedding.


Budget For Intimate Wedding

The main benefit of an intimate wedding is financial savings. A minimum of 60 to 70 lakh rupees are often spent on a wedding in India, which is a significant amount of money that is wasted. With fewer people, you can drastically cut this cost, which is one of the greatest benefits associated with an intimate wedding. The catering bill is determined based on the number of attendees, so the more visitors you have, the more expensive it will be. Moreover, you’ll save money on the bar and require fewer tables, accents, favours, linens, etc. if you choose to have an intimate wedding.

Better Guest Interaction

Better Guest Interaction

Having the focal point of everyone’s attention, or “on a show” to dozens of people, especially people they aren’t very close to is one of my couples’ top worries. A situation where this never happens is produced by intimate weddings. Only a few of your closest acquaintances and relatives are present, together with you and your spouse. Considering this day is primarily about your bond and love more than anything else, you will enjoy it in a private, intimate setting. Additionally, since just the individuals closest to you will be there, you and your family will feel less uneasy during any wedding shenanigans.

Easy To Manage

Easy To Manage

Organising a gathering for 50 people is typically less intimidating and anxiety-inducing than one for 500, even though smaller doesn’t always imply simpler. This is especially true if those 50 individuals are close friends and family. You’ll discover that fewer visitors will provide you more freedom in the process of planning as well as more time to concentrate on the specifics.

Open Options For Destination Wedding

Intimate Wedding Destination

Who does not want to have a destination wedding far from the busy metropolis? It might be difficult to plan a destination wedding, but not when it’s an intimate affair. The guest list affects the planning, therefore, you must decide if you will merely cover your guests’ lodging costs or if you will also cover their journey. On the other hand, if you want to hold an intimate wedding, it will be simpler for you to arrange for your guests’ lodging, transportation, and other extras like tours or thrilling excursions. With an intimate wedding, you can pay close attention to the small details and easily attend to the demands of every guest.


Eco-Friendly Intimate Weddings

Arranging an intimate wedding is not only responsible but also financially responsible approach. Big, lavish weddings may be fun to attend, but all that extravagance leads to a lot of garbage being produced as a result of the event. The weddings generate a lot of waste, from paper plates to the various flower streamers and other ornamental things that are only meant to be used once. It poses a threat since it is frequently not recyclable.

More Time With The Photographer

Photographer For Intimate Weddings

By their very nature, intimate weddings are typically more carefree and relaxed. Wedding photographs should document every moment of your big occasion because we often go back on them years later and remember everything that happened. In intimate weddings, the photographer has ample time to spend with the couple while still getting pictures of the guests by themselves and with the couple.


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