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Bite Size Wedding Snacks To Add To the Menu

Wedding catering brings all of the guests together, even though weddings are mostly a celebration of love. Snacks from all over the world should be on your wedding menu, as they should make the ceremony a little more memorable.  WV provides you with the tastiest international wedding snacks that will give your snack menu a more attractive and distinctive appearance than ever.



According to etymology, pizza derives from Pinza or Latin sincere, which translates as press or stamp. This food dish was created in Italy and made its way to India in the early 1900s. Pizza is a popular international cuisine that nearly everybody relishes, making it a perfect snack for offering as a wedding snack at Indian weddings. You might request that your caterer serve them in miniature pizza boxes personalised with the couple’s initials to make them appear more aesthetically appealing.

Hash Browns


The French verb “hatcher” (which means to cut or chop) is the source of the term “hash.” Therefore, “chopped and fried potatoes” is the literal translation of “hash brown potatoes.” The fact that hash browns only include the main ingredient potato and thus are appropriate for people of all ages makes them the ideal bite-sized snacks for your wedding. Serve them in small wrappers that have a customized message for each visitor printed on them.


Served within a folded or rolled corn or flour tortilla, tacos are a widely consumed hand-sized Mexican cuisine item. They typically contain seasoned meat, veggies, and other fillings. This delicious wedding snack can be given as an appetiser and perhaps even as a main entrée. Work out the details with your wedding caterer and let them come up with a variety of fillings, particularly those that your Indian guests would enjoy. You can also make them Instagram-worthy by having colourful tortillas.

Caprese Salad Kabobs


Despite only requiring four ingredients, caprese skewers are an impressive appetizer. They are similar to the traditional Caprese salad but are made portable on a skewer using cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, fresh basil, and a simple balsamic reduction. The popular traditional size of Italy is perfect for your wedding owing to its condensed size and dense flavour content.



Rice, seaweed, seafood, and veggies are used to make this Japanese cuisine sushi. As a popular fast-food item today, sushi is enjoyed by people all over the world and has become recognised as such. Indians travel far more than other nationalities and are thus more experimental eaters, which has led to the emergence of sushi in the nation. As a result, it can easily be converted into an appetiser that can be served as both a main course and a little snack. Ask your wedding caterer to serve it on a flat plate for easy access with some soy sauce.



When consuming fondue, a small piece of bread is speared on a fork or skewer, swirled in the pot, and then inserted into the mouth. Its root is the verb fondre, which means “to melt” in French; so, melted cheese in a community pot. As it has an appealing appearance, it is an ideal item for your wedding snack menu. Allow your wedding caterer to experiment with a variety of Indian cuisine, swap out the traditional melted cheese, and serve pav bhaji in a fresh, creative way.




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