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Summers in India are nothing short of scorching. The unforgiving heat becomes almost unbearable when it reaches its peak. Despite all the trials and tribulations that arise with this scorching weather, if you’re still pondering over hosting your wedding during the summers, then sweat not. We got you.

You don’t have to wait until the winter just to tie the knot with your spouse. There are accommodations you can make in order to make your wedding a breeze. To make your wedding a jubilant affair, you are required to do your due diligence with research and apply that research into action.

To assist you with this research, we have devised a summer vacation-specific itinerary for you to ensure that your summer wedding turns out to be an enjoyable experience.

The Venue

Wedding Venue

The most essential part of any wedding, especially a summer wedding, is to choose the perfect venue to host the plethora of functions that partake in the wedding. When hosting a wedding during the summer, it is advisable to organize all the functions indoors so that the cool breeze of the air conditioner can compensate for the scorching heat outside.

If you wish to plan a destination wedding, you can choose hill stations like Nainital, Darjeeling, etc. for your wedding. A destination wedding at hill stations would be perfect during summer as the temperature is still mellow in those regions even during summers.

The Menu

Wedding Menu

This part of the wedding is known for its diversification. But we would recommend adding a variety of refreshing options that help guests beat the heat of the summer. With refreshing drinks available on the ready to cool off the summer heat, finger food options that are cooling in nature would also be an ideal choice for the menu in summer weddings. A stand of cooling dessert options like popsicles, kulfis, and ice creams would suffice for the unforgiving heat. These are some options that are definitely worth considering.

The Wedding Attire

Bride Wedding Attire

Tulle, Chiffon, Linen, Cotton, and Organza are some of the flowy fabric options that must be considered by summer brides and grooms. Ditch the heavily embellished couture and stick to sleek and stylish options as aforementioned. For a summer bride, it’s going to be extremely tricky to strike the balance between a comfortable outfit that shines through as a statement piece as well.

This is why, we recommend choosing a lightweight and breathable option for your bridal lehenga.  In addition to that, the best hairstyle for the summers that would befit the royalty of your bridal couture would be a fancy updo. Your hair would be neatly tucked away, giving you the leeway to enjoy the wedding extravaganza instead of worrying about whether your hair still looks alright.

Wedding Attire For Grooms

For the summer grooms, Kurta Pajama, Nehru Jacket, Achkan, Sherwani etc. There is a plethora of options available. Soft Cotton and Linen fabrics with pastel colours are a fantastic option for grooms during the summers.

The Wedding Decor

Summer Destination Wedding Decor

A great influence on the type of decor used for the decorations for the venue would be the time during which the function would be hosted. During daytime functions, bright colours used for decoration are a classic that would never go out of trend. A mix and match of colours paired with quirky decoration items make the perfect backdrop for an ecstatic function experience. During nighttime functions, pastel and creamy coloured hues used for decor are the best options because the lighting plays a pivotal part in the nighttime functions as well.

Summer-Specific Wedding Logistics

This would depend on the timing and the type of venue you choose. Confused? What we mean is that if you choose a daytime function to be hosted outdoors, you’d have to make arrangements accordingly. Logistics such as portable air-conditioners, misting fans, fogging sprinklers and industrial-size water coolers have the potential to reduce the venue’s heat and humidity by 50 per cent.

Summer Wedding-Specific Hampers

Summer Destination Wedding Gift Hampers

You can prepare summer-ready hampers for your guests and make this summer wedding experience all the more enjoyable. You can even make the constituents of this summer wedding hamper customizable in order to make your wedding a more enriching experience. Personalized sunglasses, handkerchiefs, paper fans, misting fans, hand creams, moisturizers, and water bottles surmount to be the perfect addition to beat the summer heat with your personalized summer wedding hamper.

Cooling Stations

Cooling Stations For Summer Destination Wedding

On these cooling stations, you can have various flavours of fruit punches stationed along with golas and or popsicles, along with iced beverage buckets. The unlimited stocks of these cooling stations will help your guests feel at ease during attending your functions.

These have been some full-proof ways to beat the heat as the summer heat waves keep tormenting your guests during the wedding. We hope with this itinerary, you make the best of your summer wedding and marvel at the decision of hosting a summer wedding successfully.


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