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International Dishes Add to the Wedding Catering Menu

Food is one element of an Indian wedding that brings the celebration together and is always loved by all present. The phrase “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, often used in jokes, is especially true during Indian weddings. Choosing delicious dishes to entice your wedding guests to a wedding catering menu can be challenging. In addition to the abundance of Indian dishes, you can also include various international dishes in your wedding menu, which will impress and enrich the experience of your wedding menu. Wedvendors provides you with an abbreviated list of food choices that you can ask your caterer to include on the menu for your wedding.

Japanese Dish: Sushi


In the nineteenth century, sushi was introduced, a dish from Japanese dish that gained popularity with the spread of Buddhism. Because Buddhists do not eat meat, fish has become a common food source for many Japanese people. Sushi can be made from a wide variety of ingredients, from fresh fish to vegetables, and is suitable for both a light snack and a complete meal. This means that regardless of whether they enjoy meat or not, each of your wedding guests will find something to appreciate and taste. Treat your wedding guests to a dish that, while familiar to them, enhances their taste buds by asking your chef to experiment with the many flavors and tones of the Indian taste buds.

Mexican Dish: Tacos

Tacos in Wedding Catering Menu

Tacos originated in Mexico long before the arrival of the Spanish. Freshly baked, soft, flat corn tortillas were used by the ancient Mexicans, who filled them with cooked organs and fish. It was a regular meal that gave people energy and basic nutrition. The best tacos today are made with ground beef and chicken instead of organs, with toppings like cheddar cheese, crunchy lettuce, and tomatoes. Have the chef at your wedding serve this little dish with guacamole, salsa, and chopped veggies.

Turkish Dish: Dolma

Dolma, Turkish Dish

Dolma is the name for a group of stuffed dishes that are part of Ottoman dish. They are usually made with a filling of rice, minced meat, fruit or any combination of these ingredients wrapped in a leaf or vegetable. Most of your wedding guests must have seen this Instagram-worthy dish while scrolling through social media, but would never have had the opportunity to taste it. In addition to offering a wide range of wedding catering, you are a thoughtful host by including something meaningful to taste and enjoy. Dolma is often offered as an appetizer with a bowl of cucumber and Greek yogurt spread or as part of a delectable meze dish.

French Dish: Quiche Lorraine

Quiche Lorraine

A traditional Lorraine quiche recipe simply calls for heavy cream, eggs and diced bacon or ham. This delicious winter dish has a pastry crust of German origin. The name Quiche comes from a unique Franco-German dialect once used in that part of northern France where “Kuchen” means “cake”. This dish is perfect for your wedding catering menu as it will increase the variety of food on offer and also because it is really hard to find someone who is not fascinated by pies. You can ask your caterer to add mashed potatoes and a fruit or vegetable salad as sides to complete and enhance the plate for your wedding guests.

Italian Dish: Lasagna


In the Middle Ages, the popular Italian dish lasagne or lasagna, which we all know and love today, was created. It is a baked dish composed of layers of large flat spaghetti, béchamel, vegetables and various cheeses. Each Italian region inevitably has its own unique recipe, so choosing it as an international dish on your wedding menu gives you and your chef the opportunity to plan and choose from the flavors available. Lasagna can be paired with salads, including wedge salads, Caesar salads, tomato and feta salads, and green salads.


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