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Weddings have always been a much-celebrated occasion for the Indians. From adorning the exquisite outfit to selecting magnificent jewelry, the bride is occupied with numerous tasks. This is where the bridesmaid comes to the rescue of her best friend. From organizing various ceremonies to taking care of the bride, a lot of duties fall over the shoulder of the bridesmaid. The bride’s elegance grabs all the attention on her D-Day but let’s not forget about the bridesmaid as well. The bridesmaid should look splendid enough to complement the charm of the bride. One element of outfit that brides should opt for in the nuptials is the saree. Saree has been that one piece of clothing that forms a major part of the Indian dressing system and is a quintessential part of the bride’s wardrobe. The bridesmaid can also adorn a saree and be an epitome of desi magnificence and modern flair. Here are five bridesmaid saree that you can accentuate at your best friend’s wedding.

Floral Organza Saree 

Floral Organza Saree - Wedding Affair

Organza saree are lightweight and easy to carry. This piece of fabric is appropriate for summer weddings as it was very breathable and comfortable. The floral organza saree looks chic and beautiful. This minimal look can be accentuated on any ceremony. The floral prints exude feminine vibes. Complete the look with minimal makeup and a clean bun. You can also go for beachy waves.

Banarasi Saree 

Banarasi Saree - Wedvendors This six yards of elegance is a timeless piece. Banarasi saree has been in trend for years now. It has never lost its significance. Steal a Banarasi saree from your mother’s wardrobe and pair it with polki jewelry. This regal look is perfect for luxurious weddings. Banarasi saree, a perfect bridesmaid saree look can be worn in both day and night weddings.

 Ruffles Saree

Ruffles Saree- Wedvendors

Ruffle saree is the traditional Indian version of Western fashion. This effortless style can be worn in many ways. Ruffles have been incorporated in the saree drape as well as blouse designs, ruffle sleeves and neck. This saree is an element of maximalist in itself. Wear a matching blouse and accentuate the waist with a blingy belt. You can add a Minakari choker to elevate the look.

Sequin Saree 

Sequin Saree- WedvendorsBollywood actors are rocking the shimmery sequin saree. This gleaming sequin saree is perfect for cocktail parties or bachelorettes. Highlighting the bling quotient, this saree will captivate all the attention. You can opt for colors like blue, mint green, and peach with soft waves hairdo and ‘no-makeup’ makeup look. Complete the look by pairing the saree with a bralette or a bustier and slay the dance floor like our ‘Desi Girl’.

Lace Saree 

Lace Saree - WedvendorsThe crochet lace sarees are worn at special events because of their opulent look. The types of crochet knits and threads add more allure and are a rich saree lace style. Its color ranges from white to cream and golden. You can go for darker shades of lace sarees as well. They exude contemporary vibes with the essence of traditional flair.


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