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When we think about selecting fabric for the decoration of our wedding venue, the first picture that comes to our mind is of a table covered with a cloth. It can be used for multiple other purposes like napkins, chair sashes & cushions, drapes and table runners.

Fabric works as a decorative element, whether you are planning a wedding in the banquet hall or a Pavilion. There are a variety of clothes available in the market at present, and Wed Vendor is here to help you with the choices for the finest fabric as per your need and requirement.

Various Fabrics for Wedding

When you plan your wedding decoration using cloth, you get two options: buy them or rent them. People usually choose to rent it as this way is more cost-effective. Here we have recommendations for 8 kinds of lines that will create a more attractive look for your wedding venue.


Elegant Choice for a Wedding

Rich & elegant in its looks, Velvet linen is a rapidly growing name for Wedding vendors. This is a closely-woven fabric that gives a smooth feel when touching it. Although there are a variety of velvets available, we would like to suggest you choose Burgundy Royal Velvet as it will give your wedding table a royal look and perfect finishing.


Fabric for Wedding Decoration

A smooth synthetic fabric with a crisp texture that can be paired with an overlay. We can get taffeta silk fabric in a variety of styles. As it has a glossy look, make it a great choice for classic weddings. It is stiffer than Satin and has a good shape retention quality. It is considered a luxury fabric and is a little more on the expensive side.


Fabric for Winter Wedding

Satin was woven with silk thread and is high in its price. Modern satins are fused with rayon, polyester, nylon and at times cotton, providing an elegant look. This linen is mostly used in ideal formal weddings. It is heavy and smooth than silk and nylon fibers. It tends to be a thicker fabric, so it’s a good choice for winter weather.


Fabric for Wedding Decoration

Chiffon is lightweight linen with transparency in its looks. It complements when layered on top of opaque tablecloths or an undraped wooden table. It can be used for drapes, curtains, and chair sashes. As it is relatively transparent, you can use it as a layer on the table which will not look too stuffy.


Summer Wedding Decoration

Often used for outdoor events, Cotton is a soft, natural fabric. Although it is comparatively not budget-friendly, still is one of the finest choices for anyone to use for decoration. It is a plant-based fiber and thus is more sustainable than synthetic fabrics. This fabric is absorbent and has an airy feel to it, which is perfect as a summer wedding choice.


The Luxurious Fabric

A versatile and durable fabric available in a variety of colours, patterns and textures. One of the best choices for wedding linen and is commonly used for tablecloths and napkins. This Fabric has a luxurious appearance giving it an exquisite shine best for decoration purposes.


Fabric of Romance

Tulle fabric creates a fairy-tale-like look when used as linen. As it is a sheer netting fabric vendors commonly use it as table skirts, chair adornments and decorative backdrops. Its open-weave texture looks romantic, which makes it suitable for wedding decoration and styling.


The Expensive Fabric

A little difficult fabric to produce, pure silk is one of the most expensive options available. There are varieties in it like other fabrics depending on what threads are used. Silk gives you a smooth, soft and shiny feel, comparatively with satin which has a little bit of rough texture. You can use this fabric for indoor decoration.

The Final Tip

In the end, we would like to share a few more tips to choose fabric for your wedding decoration depending on the weather and suitable choice of colours. Red, Burgundy, Emerald Green and Navy Blue are some of the most famous winter wedding colours. Try to opt more dark colours for winters and light colours in summers. Metallic gold and silver colours are also well-fitted for a winter wedding as it adds a romantic look.


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