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5 Decor Ideas for Pre-Engagement (Roka)

An array of events are there at a wedding, like Engagement, Haldi, Mehendi, Graha Puja and many more. Before all this, there is this new trend that is getting famous in a lot of families known as Pre-Engagement or Roka Ceremony. This is the formal acceptance of the marriage from either sides, that requires stunning home decoration ideas for Pre-Engagement (Roka).

Today, we have brought new trendy ideas for the Roka ceremony. These Ideas will turn your first meeting into a life-long memorable moment.

Pre-Engagement Décor Ideas

One of the most notable pre-wedding ceremonies. It is usually planned intimately, including close friends and relatives. This first step towards marriage is where both families get to know each other. They amiably exchange gifts, sweets, jewellery and some cash money envelops.

The Handicrafts Glamour

Decoration with Handicrafts

This enchanting idea is to make your Roka ceremony mesmerizing. Whether planning your Roka in the morning or evening, this idea can make your ceremony look more traditional where you can decorate your home with tribal handicrafts. There is a variety of thrifty tribal crafts available in the market. They can be used for decoration in the space of your house where you are planning the ceremony. You can use illusion crafts like; Rajasthani hanging pair ladi Handicraft, Wind chimes, and Khadgatta handicrafts with pom-pom string and a golden bell. Other than this you can add new flavour to your decoration by using embroidered dupattas as background curtains to the seat of the couple. Cushions with traditionally embroidered covers will complement the wooden sofa.

Glossy Helium balloon

Home Decoration Ideas for Roka

Helium balloons are trending as an idea for indoor decoration. You can attach a ribbon to the neck of the balloon hanging either the old memories of the couple in the face of images or some handwritten messages by each relative or friend available in the ceremony. A glittery Chandelier with these balloons will give an overall brightness to the space. As we are becoming more social media phobic, we can replace this idea of a chandelier with a ring light in the center. This will add another level of shine to everyone’s face, and the photographs or videos taken then will become more alluring.

Magical Floral Decoration

Floral Home Decoration

Flowers have always been and are going to be the finest and prime choice for everyone when it comes to decoration. Whether you plan your ceremony in any garden attached to your home or in the hall of your home, there is a long list of ideas for decoration. Other than the garlands hanging from the wall you can add age-old brass vessels and fill them with water and flower petals. Together with them, you add floating candles in that vessel, to make it look more attractive. A wooden-swing chair & Jhula wrapped with floral garland and soft cushions will be more appealing. Shimmery drape design at the back of the swing will complement.

Embellish with Crafts

Home Decoration Ideas for Roka

An economical decoration idea, that might require a little more of your time than money. This decoration doesn’t only include paper cutting and pasting, other than this you can lanterns and table props. In the Paper art ceiling décor idea, you can add tinsel fringe garland. A Hankley metallic foil curtain or gold heart chain foil fringe behind the couple’s sofa will complement the entire area. By cutting coloured papers in the shape of flowers, and birds, and collecting them in one string to drop down them either from the ceiling or from walls in a sequence in which they look enticing. Or you can cut the paper and make a candleholder out of it and decorate multiple candles around the space, this will make the aroma more romantic. You can cut the paper in

Keeping it Grounded

Bright Decoration

It’s not always about sofas and formal sitting, some people like to keep it grounded. You can keep fluffy kind size mattresses and décor them with Printed Dark coloured velvet sheets with matching cushions. Cushions of various shapes with a soft printed cover add another level of comfort to people. Alongside this sitting place keep hanging glass tea light holders that will make the look more delightful. You do have this option to hang lighted lamps to that corner, to give that place more warmth. Glittery mason jars on the table with flameless candles would suit the entire decoration.

Other Suggestions to Add

If you are planning this ceremony at your place, the decoration does depend on the area you have taken, whether you are planning to do it in the day or the night-time. If you are planning to do it in the upcoming months, use vibrant colours for your decoration. All theses decoration ideas will add another flavour to your Roka ceremony.


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