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Booming Wedding Decor Trends of 2023

Celebrations of love and the union of two souls are the main elements of weddings. It can be arduous to arrange a wedding, and you could feel like you’re stumbling in the dark. Everybody wants to have a unique wedding, but it can be more difficult than you think to stay current with trends. Wedvendors offers you an expertly compiled list of the upcoming wedding décor trends for 2023 that are sure to be spectacular. With the assistance of your wedding planner, make an arrangement and add some flair to your wedding venue.

Intentional Lighting

International Lighting - Wedding Decor

There is never too much lighting if it is created and placed in the right position. Adding more lights intentionally is the perfect wedding decor that will be seen often this year. This wedding decor trend can be done either at diner places with low-hanging lights or even at the wedding stage of the couple to enhance the natural lighting.

Hues Of Viva Magenta

Viva Magenta Decor


Make use of Pantone’s Color of the Year for your wedding decor trend. Play with the hue viva magenta and incorporate the colour in the most elegant way possible. Add colour to your wedding decor with drapes or maybe cushions on the couches. You can also use the colour for napkins, flowers, or as the base colour of the wedding cake.

Chandeliers To Glam It Up

Chandelier For Wedding Decor

Chandeliers might be considered old, but they are the chicest form of wedding decor trend to glam up any party. If you have a high ceiling, then this wedding decor trend is ideal for dance floors. Use a lavishly hanging chandelier to accentuate the vibrancy of the dance floor as soon as the lights get dimmed. You can also use this wedding decor trend for pheras space or maybe hanging around the venue, but not too low.

Picture-Perfect backdrops

Backdrop Wedding Decor

On the wedding day, all decorations are made in such a way that they will suit the style and vibe of the couple. However, some thoughtful hosts also take what the guests might want into consideration while planning the wedding decor. Having a backdrop to get clicked at is all your guests would want for a perfect picture. A perfect place with perfect decor and perfect lighting is all you need as a wedding decor trend to please your guests.

Mini Snack Stalls

Mini Food Stalls For Wedding Decor

A perfect way to enhance the decor for your wedding this year is by adding a mini snack stall. You can either go vintage with a little ice cream trolley or go modern with a proper food truck. You can make these stalls either a complete snack counter or merge them with a drinks counter to fit right in with the wedding decor trend.

Transparent Dining Tents

Transparent Dining Tents Wedding Decor

At Indian weddings, the wedding planners usually go for a place that is all covered or entirely open with sprawling lawns when it comes to the dining area. However, this year’s wedding decor trends provide a perfect balance between the two. Have an open dining area on the lawns, but have a transparent tent as a shelter. If you are opting for a daytime wedding, the sunlight will illuminate the space perfectly. It is also ideal for a nighttime wedding, just add some fairy lights, and you’re all set.

Use Of Monograms

Use Monograms For Wedding Decor

Couple monograms are no foreign concept to us, but the way you incorporate them is what the wedding decor trend is all about this year. There are numerous places where you can highlight the monogram at the wedding venue, not just at the entrance. You can use it on a wedding cake, for backdrops, your table centrepieces, and much more.


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