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Top 5 Trending Outfits for Grooms

The wedding outfit for a groom is expected to be alluring to all. Choosing a dress for the groom sounds easy but as a task, it includes a lot of responsibility. Do not worry, Wed vendors are here with some trending outfit options for the grooms. Either choosing a bandhgala or a three-piece suit, you are supposed to make a wise choice and marriage occurs once in a lifetime.

The big secret, what everybody knows is “keeping it comfortable”. Choose an attire that pleases you, and makes you feel more admirable. Every other aspect depends on the design, colour, and style of the groom’s outfit like the jewellery, the safa or any accessory.

Trending outfits for grooms

Embroidered sherwani with silk dhoti

Trending Outfit For Groom

A Sherwani has transformed a lot from generation to generation and the trending sherwani idea we have come up with for you is an embroidered sherwani with a silk dhoti. This style will make you look more traditional and stunning as a groom. We recommend you choose a pastel colour for this wedding outfit, along with maharaja jewellery which will compliment your entire look.

Anarkali-styled sherwani

Mughal Style Sherwani

You must have heard about Anarkali suits for brides, the Anarkali-styled sherwani has some kind of a similar design but not the same. The term brocade is used with this Anarkali-styled sherwani, which is a rich fabric woven with a raised pattern typically with gold or silver thread. A multi-string Mughal style necklace in ruby will complement this kind of groom’s dress. Prefer shimmery colour for this outfit. A double stole with Anarkali sherwani gives you an authentic look.

Three-piece suit

Trending Outfit for Groom

A never-ending trend for grooms for their D-DAY wedding attire is a three-piece suit. Choose a dark colour for your wedding three-piece suit and wear a light colour for a shirt inside it. Purple is in the trend right now, wearing a brooch with this suit will glorify your overall persona. Although people opt for two different shades one for the coat and another for the inner waistcoat, a bit of advice from wed vendors for the grooms of this year is to keep it the same. A matching tie will work with it.

Multi-layered look

Love for layers

It’s a kind of outfit which has multiple layers in it including kurta with a trousers, on the top of the kurta there is this waistcoat, another long embellished jacket on it and above all a stall with embroidered border is kept. If you want to keep it simple you can keep it two-layered in which you’ll wear a jacket-like top layer over a kurta along with a churidar. Try and opt for some bright colours for this type of attire.


The Stylish Looks

Yes, you can opt for a tuxedo for your wedding day, but it’s advised to keep this attire for your after-wedding party. Tuxedos have satin details, such as satin buttons, satin side stripe down on the pant leg, and satin-faced lapels. Grooms are supposed to wear a top-grade dress for the wedding day, and a tuxedo is a kind of dress which increases the overall personality of a man. A maroon or navy blue coloured tuxedo can make you more attractive on a special day.

Kurta-Pyjama with a waistcoat

Simply Fashionable

A Kurta is considered as most comfortable attire for the hectic day of a wedding, wearing an embroidered waistcoat with it will complete your entire look. Although a simple but sober attire to pick up for your D-day, if you choose to wear this attire you look more conventional. Khussa as footwear with these clothes suits more than any other footwear.

The look spontaneously becomes more attractive if he wears a natural smile with the overall look. We believe that the above-mentioned ideas will give you a new design to plan for your wedding attire.


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