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Wedding Rituals For A Contemporary Wedding

Indians truly believe in holding to their roots when it comes to planning out a wedding. We tend to stick to our traditions and rituals for finalizing the ceremonies and functions. But the couples of contemporary India are willing to take risks. They don’t want their wedding served to them on a silver platter, rather they take matters in their own hands while deciding on the wedding ceremonies and customs and rituals. Not only in India but globally too, people have started making their own customs and rituals for their own personalized wedding ceremonies. Here are a few modern customs that you can incorporate in your wedding too –

  1.     A Green Wedding

A lot of people have grown aware of the environment these days. Hence, eco-friendly weddings have become a trend! Couples send out saplings with their wedding invites. Others plant a tree together to mark the auspicious beginning by a beginning a new life, of that of a sapling. Green is the new decoration trend, gifting trend, and lifestyle trend of the season!

  1.     Digitization Of Rituals

Often people send out digital invites, which again is a green way of living. Even during other wedding ceremonies, people have been using technology such as drones and screens to narrate the love stories of the couples getting married. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that there is no wedding without digital rituals.

  1.     Writing Your Own Vows

This is an interesting concept that has gained much more popularity in western countries. These days, couples mark their new beginnings, not by making the mundane promises that everybody makes, but by jotting down their own promises for each other. By writing their own vows, the couples make it as personal as possible.

  1.     Pets In Rituals

These days, people have become more conscious about their pets and animals in general. They don’t shy away from showing some pet love in their weddings too. They adopt new pets and promise on becoming new parents for their existing pets in their wedding rituals.  

  1.     Customised Wedding Attire

Couples have been opting for customized clothing pieces for their weddings. Brides engrave mantras in their couple stories in their bridal lehengas and sherwanis as a part of their wedding rituals. This has been gaining popularity ever since.

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