5 Breezy Decor Ideas For A Vibrant Wedding

The millennial brides are putting literally their heart and soul into the wedding decor. They want to do things differently. The millennial bride is not content doing things the same old way. She wants to jazz up the decor and experiment with the theme of her wedding. Brides nowadays are not very fond of elaborate and intricate wedding decors. Most of the brides are choosing simple and exuberant wedding decors that are filled with joyful colours. Strong and dark wedding themes are slowly falling into the cliche category while the breezy decor is increasingly becoming the popular picks of the millennial brides. Here are 5 breezy decor ideas for a vibrant wedding.

  1. Splash of Colours!


Add all the vibrant colours that you can think of, to make your wedding venue truly breezy and lively. Spilling colours in the wedding venue keeps the mood of your wedding guests elevated and happy.

2. Floral Decor

Dial a bouquet

The floral decor is the best option to enliven the wedding space instantly. It enhances the look of a space like magic. The fragrance of fresh flowers shall be an add on.

3. Fairy Lights Decor


Fairy lights decor is going to be a delightful setting for a dreamy wedding. For an ideal fairy tale setting, create an exquisite decor out if fairy lights and see your wedding space transform into the land of your dreams.

4. Curtain Decor


Curtains are a brilliant way to create breezy wedding decor. Including translucent curtains with dainty lights is going to make your wedding space extra special.

5. Candle Decor


Candles can light up any place in an instant. If you want to make your wedding space unique and different from the routine extravagant ones, try experimenting with candles. Candle decor is beyond soothing and it shall certainly add sweetness to your wedding moments.

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