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Modern Jewellery For The Contemporary Bride

Every piece of bridal jewellery speaks in itself. A woman would want to look her sartorial best at her wedding. For that very reason, it becomes absolutely necessary to invest a lot of time in jewellery shopping for a bride as with each trinket she builds her bridal look that speaks volumes about her personality. Each season, new designs hit the market and take the trends by a storm. In accordance with the current trends of the season, here are some unusual and trendy wedding trinkets that can adorn a bride with utmost grace and elegance.

  1.     Head Chains

Head chains adorn your hair like no other head jewellery can. Layers of chains and embellishments look dainty, especially on a modern bride, who likes to explore new stuff. The trend of head chains is back in this season, and the brides can experiment with their haldi, sangeet and mehendi looks where they don’t have to go heavy-duty, and still look decked up and chic.

  1.     Multi-Coloured Adornments

Brides are experimenting. They don’t want the dull and monotonous gold and diamond jewellery for their D-Day. So, they opt for multi-coloured adornments in the form of mismatched earrings, mismatched neckpiece with earrings, or even multiple colours of contrast in the same piece of jewellery. This adds spice to the overall look!

  1.     Ghunghroo

Gone are the days when brides would resort to their regular anklets to embellish their feet. The time is rapidly changing right now. Hence, brides prefer something gaudy to immediately grab the attention of the guests. Over-the-top ghunghroos are ‘the trend’ of the season!

  1.     Over The Top Maang Teekas

As a bride walks in, usually the first trinket visible on her face is the maang teeka that she must be wearing. That is why many brides today have been trying to get totally maximalist maang teeka for their heads, to be the head turners of their weddings.

  1.     Silver Chunk Jewellery

 A lot of brides today want to reflect their true personalities with the jewellery that they adorn. A lot of them don’t believe in getting decked up in glittery stones and precious metals to avoid the overtly extravagant expenses at a wedding. The brides opt for silver chunk jewellery for their wedding ceremonies like haldi or mehendi, to keep the vibe of the ceremony while keeping it sweet and simple in terms of wedding jewellery.

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