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5 Hidden Wedding Costs Of That You Maybe Missing On!

Do you think you have your wedding budget all figured out? However systematically you may jot down all your wedding expenses, there may be a few things coming out of the blue. Yes, all the planning may have happened and all the budgets may have been allocated but some expenses are always going to come your way to surprise you! 

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you predict what surprise costs may come your way so that you can start factoring them in the budget right away. 

Alterations and customisations


Most stores don’t cater to wedding dress fittings and customisations as per your need. They hardly do it for free – there’s always a fee. The cost may multiply basis the bridesmaids, family members and the times the alteration is needed. Either you add this as a hidden cost in your clothing expense or a separate cost, but this may impact your budget slightly. Don’t forget to count ironing and steaming of the outfit, too.

Beauty Duty! 


Yes, your beauty costs are usually forgotten and not added to the wedding budget. Everything from your pre-bridal treatments to your hair, from nails to pre-wedding makeup, must be calculated and budgeted for. 

PS – If you have any relatives to whom you are extending makeup services for, don’t forget to include the costs for it too.

Bridesmaids and welcome hampers


If you are a bride with special friends, who loves to pamper them and go a bit extra, bridesmaids hampers are going to cost you a bit too. 

Even the welcome hampers for guests can account for a hole in your pocket. Most hotels don’t keep welcome bags so this is definitely going to be an additional cost on you. We suggest you buy in bulk to save up a bit.

Marriage License


We’re hoping you remember that post the festivities, you need to legally get your marriage registered. And, of course, there’s a cost attached to that. While it is something we often forget to include in the budget, it is definitely important to be paid or else, how do you prove that you are married?



If your function venue is separate from your wedding venue, transportation is going to be an additional cost you need to add. Every group of friends and family needs to be taken from the residence to the venue (after all mehmaan bhagwaan hai) in a separate vehicle. Vendors and drivers’ costs need to be kept in mind before you finalise your budget.



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