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Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

After all the extravagant ceremonies and swapping of wedding vows comes the wedding reception. A wedding reception is a celebration with a grand party to announce your gushing love. A ceremony where you can let loose and enjoy to the fullest with your loved ones is the reception. The reception decoration should be aesthetically flattering as it is the last ceremony of your nuptials. If you want to go all gaga about wedding reception decoration, you can try attention-grabbing wedding décor ideas, vibrant colour palettes and brimming trends. In this gram-era, your reception pictures should be nothing less than perfect. Go for decorative ideas that are fresh, unique and reflect your taste with a dash of personal touch. Here are a few swoon-worthy wedding reception decoration ideas that you can incorporate for your big day.

Paper Lanterns And Marquee Lights 

Lanterns And Marquee

For a pastel wedding, go for a soft academic reception setting with paper lanterns and marquee lights. This setting speaks a lot about love and sophistication. It is also a step forward towards a sustainable wedding. This minimal decoration idea is ideal for couples who want to keep their reception bling but subtle.

Bohemian Chandeliers 

Bohemian Chandeliers

Bohemian-themed Haldi and Mehendi are so in trend now. People are also incorporating this trend for their dreamy reception. Bohemian chandeliers or pampas grass will exclusively complement your earthy tones and beige wedding. This decorative idea is perfect for outdoor settings.

Classical Indian Majesty  

Classical Indian Majesty Decor

A touch of maroon with gold aesthetics included in huge sets and bold chandeliers will look every bit of a royal setting. This decoration idea is perfect for couples who had an ultra-luxurious wedding ceremony. The essence of such a setting is the intricate gold design.

Floral Backdrop

Floral Decor

Can anything express love more than flowers? No right! A beautiful floral backdrop of roses or lilies will look splendour for your wedding reception. This classic decoration idea will give you all the dreamy vibes you have always thought of. You can experiment a little with a sparkling chandelier or leafy garlands.

Colourful play of Velvet 

Velvet Wedding Decor

For a regal setting, you can opt for a glittering backdrop and decorations of silky shades of velvet. Colours like Fuchsia pink or indigo blue are perfect for a daytime reception celebration. Your selection of velvet and matching centrepieces will make your reception look high-end.

Neon Signs And Disco Balls 

Disco Balls Wedding Decor

For a colourful affair, you can opt custom neon wedding signs with your love hashtag and disco balls. This setting is perfect for couples whose vibe is playful and lively. This decoration idea will ultimately create an ambience which will compel you to dance your heart out.

Glittering Backdrop And Sparkling Chandeliers 

Glittering And Sparkling Chandelier Wedding Decor

When you can go all glam with a glittering setting, why opt for something ordinary? This decoration idea looks straight out of a fairytale. Sparkling chandeliers with a dash of floral arrangement and glossy stones with shiny glitter strings, a train of white flowers, all over in the backdrop will provide you with a picturesque setting.


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