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Makeup Trends 2023: Dominance Of 90s Makeup

Fashion and makeup trends are cyclic and tend to repeat every 20 years. This year, the iconic 1990s are back and were seen all over New York Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week. The famous looks of divas like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez have returned. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your brushes and get ready to go on with recreating the ’90s makeup.


Brows - Makeup Trends


The brow from the 1990s is yet again here to spice up your makeup trends. The brows will travel a lot. They might go from being as thin as a needle to being fully concealed under the invisibility cloak. The great arch on the brows will be seen spreading like wildfire, and plucking might become a new makeup trend. However, be wise and avoid plucking; rather, go for a concealer or brow pencil to minimize their visible existence. On the runway, the arched eyebrows were seen being experimented with glitter and rhinestones as accessories.

Eyeliner And Eyeshadows

Eyes - Makeup Trends


Eyes makeup was a big sucker in the 90’s makeup. The era of pastel colours on eyes has returned and will be very most evident in a day as well as night time looks. The stunning Jennifer Lopez blue-on-eyes era is destined to be widely seen in this year’s makeup trends. Along with the exploration of vibrant hues, the grunge look is set to explode this year. The fusion of Smokey eyes shadow with Kohl eyeliner is going to be the heart and soul of this year’s night makeup trends. On the runway this year, the stylists experimented with eyeliner and vibrant blue colours on models for eye makeup. They opted for the technique of inverted eyeliner, i.e., applying the eyeliner to the lower eye, near the waterline and playing with blue, even on lower eyelashes.


Lips - Makeup Trends

The USP of your face and your lips will surely adapt to some bold colours. The best part of 90s makeup is that it has something to offer everyone. This year’s makeup trends will explore darker hues like mahogany, brown, void, and burgundy for women who love going for a dark, vampy look. However, the neutral shades will still seem evident enough for women who wish for a more subtle look. The evergreen shade of red will seize to exist like every other year and will help enhance your evening looks. The lip liner trend will be seen more than ever, be it of the same colour as your lipstick or in contrast.

Minimal Makeup

Minimal Makeup

Even though the 90s makeup trend had a dramatic effect on makeup, it still allowed women to go for an all-natural look, aka the “no makeup” look. This makeup trend is for women who are more on the subtle makeup end and wish to look more natural than cakey. Just put on some moisturizer, go slow and thin on the foundation layer, and easy on the concealer and powder. Complete your natural, no-makeup appearance with some light mascara and a glossy neutral gloss. Since the era was more of a no-blush era, go out and have fun with highlighters to make your makeup seem shiny yet natural, giving a dewy makeup look. For the night, try using a purple highlighter to highlight, especially your cheekbones.


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