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Top 5 Catering Trends For Your Wedding

The one aspect of an Indian wedding that connects the celebration and is always treasured by the people in attendance is the food. Indian weddings are joyous occasions with a variety of distinctive décor. The phrase “the route to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is often used in jest, and this is especially true at weddings. When it comes to wedding catering, it can be really difficult, therefore you cannot afford to make a poor decision. The caterers that you select must be able to entice every palette with a wide range of delectable Indian dishes. Nonetheless, it is up to you to choose a menu and food selection that is suitable for the wedding guests. The best catering trends are available from Wedvendors, making you the ideal host for your guests and ensuring that they have an unforgettable experience.

Vegan And Plant Based Food

Vegan And Plant Based Food

Vegans refrain from using any animal products in their diet and support the idea that all creatures have the right to a pain-free existence. The least you can do is provide your guests with something to eat while they are attending your lavish wedding ceremony, especially because they may be taking significant action to improve society and the lives of its creatures.

Global Flavors

Global Flavors

There is no question that Indian cuisine is among the most favored cuisines in the world. Despite the elegant flavors, you must add something special to your wedding to further make your guests feel valued. What better way to satisfy your palate and the palates of your visitors than to add some international flavors. Because you have a huge list of options, you might as well start whittling it down and testing new foods to determine which cuisines you want to include on your meal menu before working out the details with your caterer.

Alcohol Free Drinks

Alcohol Free Drinks

Aren’t we all bored from seeing those same types of plain flavored waters served to us in your wedding? Yes, those drink that most of us prefer to stay away from. Well, here’s a catering trend that will make you one of the thoughtful hosts out there for your guests. For people who wish to have sober night or simply for those who wish to stay away from alcohols, you must have an option of drinks that are flavored but not coloured water. There are many options of drinks that you can serve at your wedding but once such all-time night favorite is the Virgin Pina Colada.

Interactive Food Stations

Interactive Food Station

Interactive food stations are not something that aren’t being practiced in modern- day wedding. However, this is that one catering trend that you ought not to ignore or forget about as it is what will engage your guests and would make your party most talked about. Apart from the regular Chinese and Italian food stations at every Indian wedding, you can ask you caterer to have a station that could serve your guests, S’mores, Ice Cream and a Nacho bar.

Late Night Snack

Late Night Snack

It is always very frustrating to have so many alternatives to pick from and eat throughout the ceremony but not as the night wears on and pheras approaches. For those who aren’t large sweets eaters, the traditional Indian coffee, dried fruits, mithai, and cookies might be sapping. can stop your family, friends, and loved ones from eating late at night by using this trendy catering style. Add some gramme crackers and several kinds of dips to go with it, as well as some little cheese sandwiches, mini avocado toasts, and some veggie chips.


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