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Checklist For Planning The Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

A pre-wedding photoshoot has now become vogue for the millennials. A pre-wedding photoshoot is like an announcement of the love journey which the couple in love is soon going to embark on. It is a fun activity filled with lots of excitement, romance and laughter. A pre-wedding photoshoot stores eternal memories for you that you can reminisce about later. Highlighting the core of your enduring relationship, the pre-wedding photo shoot is also an exciting chore that you will truly enjoy! Here is a checklist that will save you from end-moment hassle during your photoshoot.


Pre-Wedding Shoot

Like every other task, planning will help you to conduct the pre-wedding shoot flawlessly. Discuss with your partner about your expectations from the shoot and curate a loop-free plan.


Best Wedding Photography

You can have your pre-wedding shoot on lush mountains or sprawling beach or an intricately designed monument. Choose a location that matches your aura and aesthetics. Always shortlist 2-3 locations because you never know which problem may arise. For a private place such as a 5-star hotel or heritage hotel, check the availability beforehand.


Pre Wedding

The most important component of a pre-wedding shoot is the photographer. He is the one who can apprehend your photoshoot or can make everything go down the drain. Discuss your needs with your photographer and provide a clear view of your expectation. Establish a bond with your photographer before the shoot, so that you don’t get conscious while shooting.

Date Of The Shoot 

Pre Wedding Shoot

Fix a date that does not collide with any other event. Select a date feasible to you, your counterpart and your photographer. It is wise to pre-book the photographer and match a date with him during the wedding season.


Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Adorn outfits that exude the essence of the love bond between you and your partner. Your outfits should complement the ambience. Try the costumes before the photoshoot so that you can get it altered if required. Carry safety pins to be on the safer side.


Pre Wedding Shoot

Think of a bunch of poses beforehand so that you don’t keep repeating the same pose again and again. Save the poses on your phone and practice it before the shoot, so that no time is wasted on the day of shooting.


Props For Pre Wedding Photoshoot

If you happen to involve some props in your shoot like a bike, a guitar, or umbrellas buy them a few days before the shoot so that you won’t face any last-minute hassle. Make a list of props that will suit your pre-wedding shoot theme.


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