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Stunning Engagement Rings for your LadyLove!

Engagement Rings, enclosing the Ring finger, display a bond of love and affection and a relationship that is yet to take a huge step ahead -The Marriage. It needs care and love to guard this sensitive and delicate bond. It is said that the Ring finger on the left hand has a vein that runs directly to the heart, and wearing a ring on the same means a relationship from the heart to heart. The motive to choose the fourth finger as the ring finger is special and so should be the rings, which will put on display the strength, youthfulness, the blooming nature of your relationship and will see your relationship getting stronger with each passing day.

  • Sky Blue Topaz Ring

Shipton and Co.

Just as your relationship, the ring unveils youthfulness and uniqueness. The Pastel Blue colour flaunts freshness. The sky blue Topaz is a perfect choice for the occasion.

  • Cushion-Cut Cognac and Diamond Ring


This yellowish-brown hued Cognac Diamond ring portrays elegance and charm. The ring is unique and the colour is not easy to find. The 8.88ct ring is set in 18K white gold, accented with two half-moon diamonds that exhibit a blend of tone and nature.

  • A Bed of Stones


With a pearl embedded in a bed of rubies, diamonds and gold, the ring presents an amalgamation of different hues. The ring adds grace to your finger as well as embraces your attire.

  • Dazzling Diamonds


Consisting of enamel and Diamond, this one unveils sophistication and grace. Enclosed in the ring are small diamonds, flaunting their dazzle and surrounding you with mystery.

  • Leaf Cocktail Ring


This 18kt, a white gold metal ring is to make your special day even more special, with its dazzle and glister. The red and diamond blend makes your ring ceremony, a majestic affair.

  • Diamonds and Emerald

Blue Nile

Green hues are known for a fresh beginning. With a pear-shaped Emerald embedded in your brilliant-cut diamond ring, the ring is perfect for the onset of your new journey and for miles that you both have to travel together.

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