Gold Is A Bride’s Best Friend

Who said diamonds are a woman’s best friends? Definitely not for Indian women. I mean, we do love to adorn ourselves in diamond trinkets every now and then, but there is another kind of jewellery that we totally love — gold jewellery! Gold is an Indian women’s best friend! From heavy bridal chokers to dainty gold chains, Indian women don’t miss a chance of investing in gold. Another point to make note of also is that in India, people don’t generally go for buying gold coins or gold bars, they would rather invest in gold jewellery that can ornate them for events as well. In other words, while gold plays a significant part in Indian culture, gold jewellery has been the principal form of ornamentation for centuries.

Gold Jewellery
South India Jewels

Women particularly invest in the necklaces and earrings when they choose to invest in jewellery. With a range of gold jewellery available in the market, women still devote a large part of their budget on necklaces and earrings as they are the most commonly used accessories for any occasion. Especially if you’re attending a wedding or a Pooja as a guest, you have to dial down the amount of jewellery a little bit. Therefore, most of the people tend to invest in good necklaces and earrings for being the statement pieces in their outfits.

Gold Jewellery

Another favourite of the jewellery-savvy community is the loved maang-teeka. This is a favourite of the soon-to-be-bride too as this one accentuates her beauty to new levels. Often considered an important part of Indian bridal jewellery, this head accessory looks stunning when made out of pure gold. Especially towards the south of India, a golden maag-teeka is preferred over any other. Even a golden nose ring is popular in the Indian masses. According to Indian traditions and culture, the nose ring is considered as one of the signs of marriage and is an integral part of traditional bridal jewellery. In the Muslim culture, nose ring is very auspicious and is mandatory marriage ornament to be worn by all Muslim brides.

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