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Shaadi Ka Laddoo

The millennial generation wants nothing to do with weddings these days, except stuffing their stomachs up with those delicious weddings delicacies and yummy mithaais. Most of the people today, want to devour that other person’s shaadi ka laddoo. The sweets, anyway, are one of the most important dishes at a wedding. Distributing sweets signify distributing happiness among one another — the happiness of new beginnings, the happiness of celebration, the happiness of love! We, at Wed Vendors, have listed some of the most important mithaais that mustn’t be missed at a wedding.

  1.     Boondi Laddoo


That fresh laddoo made out of desi ghee, rolled into little balls of perfection…….ummm…delicious! Needless to say, a wedding is incomplete without the distribution of this wedding sweet, pertaining to its long-term association with Indian ceremonies of importance.

  1.     Kaju Katli

    Jagruti’s Cooking Odyssey

This is the millennial favourite mithaai of the season. That mildly sweet, perfectly shaped and beautifully decorated with silver-work layer, one cannot talk about this mithaai without salivating. Again, this one is a wedding season favourite too.

  1.     Jalebi


Nothing in the world can beat the feeling of eating a warm crispy jalebi — crunchy on the outside and gooey inside — which is just ah-mazing. The love for this sweet is ever-increasing, and there are only a few in the universe who do not like this sweet.

  1.     Gulaab Jamun

    Your Food Fantasy

Available in several variations, there is one kind of gulaab jamun for everyone — warm, cold, small, large, brown, or golden. Dipped in sugar syrup, fried to perfection, and made out of fresh khoya, this sweet is not made to disappoint.

  1.     Soan Papdi


This one is another mithaai that is amplified by the taste of desi ghee. This one is India’s very own twist on the cotton candy. Shaped in perfect cubes, crispy and flaky, a soan papdi is made to please everybody. A dry fruit topping is like icing on the cake.

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