As the General Manager of Radisson Blu Udaipur Palace Resort & Spa, Vishal Kapoor takes note of each and everything, from understanding his guests and their cultural backgrounds to grasping their views and miniscule requirements for ensuring an out-of-the-world experience for them.

The excitement and adventure in finding out ‘what’s next’ is the feeling that drives Vishal Kapoor—the General Manager of Radisson Blu Udaipur Palace Resort & Spa—deeper into the emotion that is behind the business of hospitality. For him, being in the hospitality industry is the most exciting experience as it allows to meet with multicultural people as well as to give passionate service the clientele deserves. Belonging to an army background, his visits to five-star hotels like The Oberoi and The Taj served as an early inspiration for him to join the industry.

Having worked in various cities across India and in Dubai, Kapoor has operated with professionals from 152 nationalities; handling and witnessing the glitz and glamour of food and architectural shows in Dubai, which helped him shape as a professional. Dubai also being the melting point of different cultures and nationalities, also taught him a mechanised process with its high-tech equipments and advanced machines like convection ovens and conveyor belts. But the seeds of hospitality were sown in him in India where his parents always taught him to welcome and treat guests as Gods.

He has a diverse experience—of two and a half decades—in this industry, which is defined by his undying commitment to bring up the best experiences for the guests. “I make sure that I go and meet with every guest during each and every session and personally take feedbacks from them ensuring every event goes well, overseeing all detailing; ensuring and having a look at large setup before they commence and covering up all the flaws and gaps in time,” says Kapoor. He doesn’t find any aspect of the industry taxing. He has successfully organised top weddings of Jindals, Munjals and Ambanis which required a lot of planning and preparations; shifted wedding venues for the hosts in just 30-35 minutes without hampering anything, in a case of a rain emergency; and has also organised a Fashion Week consisting around 35 designers, 300 media people, serving 1200 elaborate meals in hotel. He does enjoy a good challenge.

Under his leadership, Radisson Blu Udaipur Palace Resort & Spa has been awarded the best luxury destination wedding hotel in Udaipur by EWPC, Bangalore. His team has organised top weddings of buzzing attentions and big conference like GST, WHO, ONGC Deloitte. His vision is to create an amicable hospitality environment that maximises customised service quality and provides comfort to every customer. His aim is to make the hotel a place for high-end weddings, corporate meetings and gala ceremonies.

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