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Creative Indian Food To Serve At Your Wedding!

Do you know what’s the best thing about weddings? The Khaana. Yummy, mouth-watering delicacies, so rich and so decadent that they can only be served at a wedding, with aplomb. Admit it, you slyly peek into the pantry or the menu, to see what the wedding has in store for you – chaat counters, cheesecake yummies and loads of biryani from the “famous” vendor in the city. And on the other hand, you are seriously bored of the same old Butter Chicken and the boring old Dahi puri in plastic cups. No siree, you want your wedding to be a spectacle and that means, awesome food and guests going yum. Have a nice chat with your caterer and incorporate these ASAP.

  1. Indian Tapas


It’s amazing how much you can simplify your wedding food by having an Indian Tapas bar. Include these munchies – papri chat, masala peanuts, sundal, dry poha, diced chicken bits…and your list can simply go on.

2. Papri Chaat In Martini Glasses


Self-explanatory! But papri chaat is so yummy and when it gets sophisticated like this, your guests will just lap it up!

3. Alcoholic Chuski or Popsicle


Who doesn’t love a chuski? Get your caterer to add a bit of alcohol into it and there you go, daaru chuski! 

4. Aloo Chaat / Corn Chaat served up in Soup Spoons


Anything served in spoons makes for a wonderful appetizer – just dress up your aloo chaat and make your guests sing!

5. Parantha Tacos


Just put a little filling and pack them up like tacos – done & dusted! A simple idea that can really make everyday food look amazing. 

6. Poppadum Scoops


Take tiny poppadums and add your favourite ingredients – from mangoes to chillies to potatoes to sev. If you can’t find tiny poppadums, go for big ones but break them into pieces!

7. Sundal In Ice Cream Cones


Sundal is chana that is roasted and flavoured with south-Indian spices and you can give them an interesting international appeal by putting them in Ice Cream Cones. 

8. Spice Prawn Appetizer Rotis Rolled Up Like Sushi


You can so so many awesome things to rotis and they can be moulded to suit your bill in minutes. These cute tiny rotis can include any Tandoori filling and can be served with lime juice or lime soda.

9. Vodka Golgappas


Golgappas are fun but when they’re paired with vodka – they’re fun-ner. So use those little shot glasses and go bonkers with this favourite chaat. No one will ever say NO. 

10. Sev Puri Canapes


Canapes are easy – you just need the cover and you can fill in whatever you want! Really, so this Sev Puri canape is so good that your mouth will water even before the guests.

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