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Undoubtedly, being a bride is not easy and we understand the rush, the excitement, and the hope of making each detail of your special day perfect. Brides want to look flawless on their wedding day with gorgeous outfits, footwear, and sparkling accessories. Every day, footwear becomes more creative. There was a time when bridal heels were only embellished and glittered, and the height of the heel was all that mattered. There is no point in buying something if it isn’t love at first sight. Scroll down to discover the quirky footwear that shows different aspects of #BeingDulhan!

1. Love this cute slip-on ‘Nautanki Bride’!

Real Brides' Quirky Footwear- Wedding Affair

2. Hand-Painted beauties’ like these

Hand-painted beauties like these - Wedding Affair

3. Quintessential  Juttis

Quintessential juttis

4. Quirky flip flops with Little DIY tricks

Quirky Flip Flops

5. Personalized sneakers

Personalized Sneakers

6. Ethnic Mules

Ethnic Mules

7. Pop Cali sandals

Pop Cali Sandals

8. Sneaker nuggets

Sneaker Nuggets

9. There’s nothing better than a pair of hot red and pink sneakers!

Hot Red And Pink Sneakers

10. Isn’t it great to be a ‘BOSS BRIDE’?

Boss Bride



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