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Save-The-Date Card Ideas 2023

While falling in love was simple, wedding planning is arduous. The suffering that goes into the wedding preparation process is now, unavoidable. Planning a wedding is delightful until you realise you don’t really have time to relax or get much sleep. When you have so many details to consider and so much to plan, inviting people should not add to your burdens. To save you from the hassle, we provide you with suggestions that you can use for your wedding invitation card.

The Timber Tale

The Timber Tale Invitation Card Idea

This imperishable wooden board sheet invitation card has a natural, earthy appearance. Use White, the most opulent colour available, in this simple but statement-filled card. Use as many of the natural leafy designs as possible to embellish the boring brown wood, making the most out of the elevated fonts. Experiment with the card as much as you want, and emphasise significant dates with deeper colours. The wooden card can also be engraved to draw attention to the names. Couples can send invitations along with a gift basket filled with handcrafted or natural gifts packaged in little white-brown jute bags.

Fall In Love

Fall In Love Invitation Card Idea

These save-the-date cards are ideal for couples getting married in the Fall season. An ideal approach would be to incorporate the different tones of the seasonal colour orange to their maximum. Tie a large orange-coloured ribbon to connect the cards together and break up the rhythm of the off-shape cards. To accentuate the appeal of the off-white maple leaf cards even more, use a range of cursive fonts and add little pumpkin stickers before the most essential wedding details.

The Fragile Affair

The Fragile Affair Invitation Card Idea

These glass wedding invitations are ideal for couples who wish to always score extra. These thick and heavy cards have a natural lustre that is enhanced by the bold use of gold. The card’s integration of images to illustrate various wedding events is its most striking aspect. The edges of the card are also meticulously painted in gold colour and are exquisitely finished on the corners with a fuller design. The decision to use fewer fonts seems wise since the card is single-coloured. The engaged pair has the option of having the details printed or engraved and may decide to use a wooden box to store the invitations and thank-you card gifts.

Delicate Hint Of Lace

Hint Of Lace Invitation Card Idea

This invitation card design has a solid, board-like appearance while still seeming eminently polished. The card is kept basic with a specific colour and a limited number of fonts and font sizes. The white lace flowing from the sides of the card provides flair and breaks up its monotonous appearance. The most crucial content, the event date, is given special attention and added on a separate square sheet that is then wrapped around the primary card with simple white jute. The card is excellent for classy couples, and as an additional gesture for the invitation, the couple might include scented soaps.

The Uncustomary Black

Uncustomary Black Invitation Card Idea

Hindus do not view the colour black as auspicious, hence it is traditionally not included in any wedding festivities. However, for those willing to challenge the existing societal norms and take the path less chosen, this marriage invitation card awaits to be explored. Whether it’s the colour scheme or the hexagon-shaped cards enclosed in square envelopes, the card will astonish your wedding guests. The cards stand out on basic black pages due to the creative usage of the colour gold. Couples have the option of using a sticker to close the envelope as depicted or using a white golden wax to seal the deal like old times.


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