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The Mehendi ceremony is traditionally the most exciting wedding-related event. The festive atmosphere of the wedding ceremony is enhanced by everything from the colourful atmosphere to the artistically painted heena hands. However, it’s a major turnoff to look so stunning and not have anywhere to be photographed.  To save you from all the hassle, Wedvendors gives you suggestions for your mehendi decoration and ways to incorporate flowers into it.

The Little Room

Little Room Mehendi Decor - Wedvendors

As the heart of the wedding, the future bride is usually kept occupied with guests circling her to capture her. If you are someone who wishes to have your space and be uninterrupted while getting your hands painted, this is the finest backdrop decoration idea for your Mehendi. You can surround the platform swing with a solidly built structure and additionally beautify it with lovely flowers. The floral decorations of mixed vibrant-coloured flowers arranged in a set pattern will keep your space breathable and your photographer can have your solo shoots without interruptions.

Playfully Pink

Pink Mehendi Decor - Wedvendors

This ring swing is perfect for the playful brides out there. Have the ring decorated with shades of pink. Go with the hot pink artificial flowers to decorate the ring and have a lighter shade of pink preferably baby pink for the cushions to make it comfortable. Surround the ring with a greener plant look to make the pink look more vibrant and natural. You will bloom like a flower sitting and getting clicked on this swing.

The Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram Mehendi Decor

This decoration is ideal for a backyard Mehendi ceremony. Every bride will have an enhanced backdrop owing to the usage of bright yellow flowers in the centre, and the horizontal placement of light green leaf patterns on the sides that lets the décor blend in with the surrounding environment. A completely natural setting for getting your picture snapped will be ready by adding a little, straight sofa in front of you.

The Dream Catcher

Dreamcatcher Mehendi Decor

The backdrop idea is perfect for those brides who wish for the Mehendi ceremony to be conducted in the daytime. Make use of pastel hues to keep the overall design simple and let the bride-to-be shine. Ask your decorators to use real flowers for the decoration of the sitting space to make your pictures come out looking natural. As the cold breeze hits, hang the dream catchers in the centre to keep the bride catching some good vibes.


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