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Haldi Décor Ideas

Indian wedding is the epitome of vibrant colours, traditional rituals and frolicsome moments. Among the extravagant rituals is the most enjoyable ritual which is considered the most-auspicious for a bride and a groom, the haldi ritual. The haldi ritual comprises smearing the bride and the groom with the gold haldi and then showering them with love. This is the most fun and jazz ritual of the elaborative Indian wedding. This high-spirited function requires an exclusive setting to outright the ritual with elegance and grace. Here are a few haldi setting ideas which you can incorporate for your haldi ceremony.

Marigold Backdrop 

Marigold Haldi Decor

This classical backdrop looks beautiful and adds a pop of colour to your haldi function. You can make a marigold mesh or marigold hangings to elevate the décor. These warm and cherry hues add a sense of contentment to the ritual.

Colourful Tassels

Tassels Haldi Decor

A high-spirited couple should opt for this haldi décor theme. These colourful tassels will apprehend the ambience and will effortlessly complement your bridal ensemble. Colourful tassels will make a picturesque setting.

Bohemian Style 

Bohemian Haldi Decor

For a minimal intimate wedding, you can opt for a bohemian theme of decoration. A bohemian colour palette comprises shades like brown, off-white, grey and ivory. The earthy tones, pampas grass and carved wood furniture will make a perfect bohemian theme haldi decor.

Summer Ready 

Summer Ready Haldi Decor

For a fun vibe, you can opt for summer theme décor ideas by the poolside. Add backdrops or curtains of yellow and orange shade, umbrellas and lots of marigolds and sunflowers. A frolic poolside haldi function can be capped off by adding customised pamphlets and designs.

The One With Pom–Pom 

Pom Pom Decor

Pom-Pom looks so cute and captivating for a Haldi function. The colourful tale of pom–pom and your magnificent haldi ensemble will get you picture-perfect photos worthy of gram. This décor idea does not require a lot of effort and also it doesn’t make a hole in your pocket.

Tropical Vibes  

Tropical Haldi Decor

Tropical style Haldi is so in vogue right now. From Bollywood divas to fashion bloggers many have opted for the tropical theme haldi function and have initiated a new trend. Perfect for summer weddings this haldi décor theme idea comprises palm trees, leaves, flamingos and sunflowers. The wanderlust couple should opt for this idea for their haldi ritual.

Sunflower Beauty 

Sunflower Decor

Sunflowers as a basic décor option are winning hearts. Marigolds and wedding ceremonies are traditionally associated. They are strung from the ceiling and used in every floral arrangement used in Haldi decoration. The elegance of this minimalistic haldi décor has naturally added to its charm.


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