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One of the cosiest wedding styles ever is a wedding at home. You have complete control over your environment, whether it be in your living room, backyard, pool area, or other regions. This shows the deepest level of closeness.  A home wedding entails a lot of logistics, including transportation, neighbors, pictures, restrooms, and much more. WV offers you a well-chosen list of items that you should pay special attention to while organising an intimate home wedding to make certain that everything is well arranged to pull off a wonderful home wedding.

Budget And Guest List


Two things that decide everything about your wedding are the budget you are willing to spend and the number of people you wish to invite. For intimate home weddings, the wedding guest list is usually limited to a minimum of 50 people, but that does not mean that you cannot have a lavish wedding. To begin with, decide on the budget that you wish to spend for all the elements, including the first thing as well as the guest list.

Allot Zones


A major turn-off at a home wedding can be the limited number of spaces that can be used for wedding ceremonies. Therefore, it is best to plan out and allot zones for every ceremony or stall. The backyard or lawns can be used as your main wedding venue with a mandap, jaimala ceremony, and even a proper sitting area for the guests.



The heart and soul of any wedding venue are its decorations. It depends fairly on the styles of the couple, which further decides the wedding decoration. At home weddings, you have a chance to have everything as per your convenience and have a proper chance to alter before time. You can choose minimal floral decoration with the colour of the year, viva magenta, drapes, chair decoration, or even napkins.


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Photographs are a way to reminisce about your special day, even years later. Therefore, they should be perfect and speak the language of a fun and love-filled wedding day. Hire a photographer who is expected at a home wedding, will find you the perfect spots for a couple of photographs, and is fast and quick. Check your photographer’s social media account to observe his work before making the initial payments.



We sometimes use the phrase, “The path to someone’s heart is through their stomach,” but it is true for Indian weddings. Indian weddings are famous for their variety of dishes; therefore, your home wedding cannot afford to go wrong here. Hire a caterer after taste-testing various kinds of food and letting them know your preferences in taste, food items, and even food decoration.


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Planning a home wedding can become tedious, but never forget to look for the weather expected on your D-Day. Make sure to have a wedding date that has absolutely no observation of expected rain or scorching hot, humid weather. Yet, prepare yourself for the worst beforehand and make suitable arrangements to save the wedding if any sudden weather changes occur.

Electricity Backup


It might look like an irrelevant step, but it happens a lot, and it is never wrong to be prepared. The worst things certainly occur on the most unexpected occasions, and therefore, it will be ideal to have electricity backup from sudden blackouts.



There is no Indian wedding that can go without talk of entertainment. Book a DJ and listen to his tracks to understand and know if their music taste matches yours. Alongside, if you wish to have an extravaganza, then start reaching out to your favourite artists, and if you are lucky enough, maybe they’ll visit you.


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