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Blouse to Impress

A chic blouse has the potency to make or break the entire outfit. An embellished blouse paired with a simple saree or a sleek lehenga can instantly transform the outfit into a showstopper. The centre of attraction in 90 per cent of the wedding photos, showcasing the blouse, making it the heart of the entire outfit.

Nothing makes a blouse look more classy than a full-sleeved beauty. The sheer opulence reflected in full-sleeve blouses is simply extraordinary. If you want to elevate your bridal outfit, we highly recommend you try this recurring trend and make your blouse just as much a showstopper as your lehenga.

To help you choose from a wide variety of full-sleeve blouses, we have devised a list for your discretion. We hope you find something that piques your interest.


Chikankari Blouse

After Athiya Shetty looked absolutely stunning in her chikankari lehenga adorned with a gorgeous full-sleeved blouse in an old Turkish rose hue stole the show, the steeping rise in trends for chikankari full-sleeve blouses has skyrocketed. When the intricate artform of chikankari is paired with a pastel-hued lehenga, the results turn out to be outstanding. The intricate embroidery uplifts and brings forth the brides’ natural beauty.

Stunning in Gold

Golden Blouse

With Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra’s wedding, up came a lot of blissful moments that gave rise to heaps of trends. Kiara Advani’s stunning wedding looks have been trendsetters ever since. Likewise, her statement gold blouse paired with the exquisite gold embellished lehenga was definitely a head-turner. Her full-sleeve gold statement blouse single-handedly became the showstopper. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

Shining in Ivory

Ivory Blouse

The full-sleeve ivory blouse looks so dreamy that this white ensemble enhances the melanin-kissed skin of the brides. This white dream-like ensemble adds to the elegance and sophistication with which the bride is dolled up. This full-sleeved blouse coupled with an embellished lehenga is a unique combination for brides that are seeking an outfit that showcases the intricate craftsmanship of their outfit.

Pastel Hues

Pastel Blouse

Away from the reds and pinks as the same old choices of lehenga colours for bridal couture, pastel hues have now dominated the trends for quite some time now. The pastel hues appear to be even more subtle and sophisticated, in terms of making the design shine through. With pastel-hued attire adorned with full sleeves, the entire ensemble makes the bride look chic and stylish at the same.

Floral Contrast

Floral Blouse

Full-sleeve floral contrast blouses paired with simple sarees provide an elevated look to the attire. Easy to wear and appears to be stylish as ever, both qualities are adorned by this outfit. You can rock this ensemble in any of the wedding functions and look breezy yet stunning. Just imagine, dancing the night away with this particular outfit for your sangeet function. It looks effortlessly elegant and is practical at the same time.

Puffed or Balloon Sleeves

Puffed Sleeves Blouse

Another effortless way to pull off a sleek and stylish look is by sporting a blouse with puffed sleeves or balloon sleeves. It is elegant, it is fashionable, and it never goes out of trend. Be it lehengas or sarees, a puffed or balloon sleeve has the potential to elevate the entire outfit and give it some character and add a dramatic feel to it. If you’re looking for a modish way to look trendy, puffed or balloon sleeves are definitely the way to go!

Focus on the blouse

Embellished Blouse

We are huge fans of embellished blouses paired up with simple and lightweight lehengas. There’s something so classy yet comfortable about wearing a full-sleeved heavy blouse with a simple lehenga, it makes the blouse the showstopper and elevates the entire look like no other. If you want to be comfortable throughout your wedding, we definitely recommend this ensemble. Look at how happy the bride looks in the picture below. This could be you.

Plunge Neck Blouse

Plunge Neck Blouse

A plunge neckline paired with full sleeves looks extremely flattering. It has the potential to appear as a statement blouse. You can easily escalate an outfit into a stunning one with this neckline decked up on you with full sleeves. Does it look scandalous? Maybe. But it definitely looks dramatic and adds an edgy personality to your outfit.

Boat neck beauty

Boat Neck Beauty Blouse

The less scandalous counterpart of the plunging neckline would be the boat neck beauty. And it looks so incredibly stylish and effervescent. If you’re looking for a flattering neckline option to adorn your full-sleeved blouse, then don’t think further and choose the boat neckline without a doubt. Flaunt your collarbones and transform your look with a boat neckline.

So, did you find any types of blouses that may have tickled your fancy? With this list, we hope you’ve gained ample inspiration and motivation to experiment with your outfits and have at least one of your blouses in full sleeves.


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