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Encapsulate Your Special Moments with Photography Trends 2023

While being someone’s first love is an incredible experience, being their partner for life is even greater. Every couple is beautiful and unique in their own way, and their wedding should reflect that and occasionally be talked about thereafter. Since the 1800s, wedding photos have helped countless couples preserve a wealth of memories and provide them with a tangible memento of their memorable day. Every year, new trends emerge that are both cyclical and original. This year, the wedding photography trends are all about being natural and living in the moment.  WV present you with the top 5 photography trends 2023 for your wedding that are set to explode and will make your wedding photographs come alive.

Blurry Movement


Motion blur is a technique that gives stationary photos an impression of movement. It has a dramatic and enchanting look that gives the couple the impression that they are living in their own world. It is excellent for capturing the genuine feelings and actions that make weddings so spectacular. The blurry movement trend in wedding photography is a long exposure method that enables you to depict the sensation of being alive in a still shot and is typically accomplished by utilising a slowing shutter speed.

Candid Imagery


Taking images of a subject while they are unaware, acting naturally, and without posing for the camera is known as candid photography. These candid wedding photos might feature subjects that are either still or moving when the photo is taken. It is obvious and simple to determine whether the subject is aware that the photo is being taken therefore, these images are more likely to be considered genuine.  As a result, candid photographs seem to offer a window into a person’s true character, an unfiltered view of how they appear and behave when no one is looking. This wedding photography trend is ideal for any energetic nuptial and occasionally can even be faked since individuals love to recreate particular photographs as well.

Drone Shots


A drone, as opposed to cameras on the ground, can take pictures from the air of you and your groom making your way down the aisle and towards the stage. It can ascend to reveal an incredible panoramic view of the location of your wedding too. The distinctive angles that a drone may provide are among the most obvious advantages of employing one at your wedding. With traditional techniques, it would be impossible or very difficult to capture images from the angles that can be achieved with this wedding photography trend.

Flash Photography


Flash photography, sometimes known as paparazzi photography, is a current photography trend that has spread to many Indian celebrations. You shouldn’t ever need to utilise the flash unless the ceremony is taking place under a pitch-black night sky. You may employ flash during the wedding party photos and the reception as long as you only use your camera’s flash and not any additional stick lights to add more light to the couple’s faces. In order to avoid overexposed and too-bright photographs while using flash photography, point your flash straight at the couple you are photographing.

Black And White Photography


Black and white wedding photographs will stand out due to the fact they have a striking contrast, tone, grain, shadows, and highlights that contrast with the brilliant colours that typically dominate Indian weddings. This kind of photography will never be out of date since it may also evoke strong feelings in the viewer. Photographs taken in black and white have a certain nostalgic and romantic quality that makes them essentially ageless which is why this wedding photography trend is perfect for your wedding.



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