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A Guide To Digital Wedding Invites

The wedding diaspora has undergone a much-deserved evolution in the recent past. With sustainable initiatives on the rise, wedding trends are also being positively influenced by such ambitious measures.

Boarding the sustainable express when it comes to weddings, forges the path for a plethora of innovation and creativity. One such innovative innovation is the replacement of traditional paper-based wedding invitation cards with digital invitation options.

When it comes to digital invites, you can either make creatives or make a wedding website, or both and share them with your guests through social media.

Reasons Behind Choosing Online Wedding Invitations Instead Of Traditional Ones

Besides being one of the most popular wedding trends in recent years, online wedding invitations seem to offer the most practical solution for wedding invitation distribution. So, here are a few other reasons why online wedding invitations are the best choice:

1. Environmentally Friendly

Online wedding invitations are paperless invitations. This makes them environmentally friendly by significantly reducing paper waste at weddings. On average, more than 500 people are invited to an Indian wedding, and more than 10 million weddings take place in India each year. It is easy to imagine that this much paper waste is generated! Online wedding invitations solve this harrowing problem.

Digital Invites

2. Easy to Share

Online wedding invitations can be extremely easy to share with a click of a button. Most of the time, the platform has a built-in easy-sharing option through which you can share the wedding invitation via email, WhatsApp, or any other social media. Or else, you can also download the invitation as a jpeg or GIF and share it with your guest list. The process of labelling and shipping paper invitations is a waste of time and money beyond comparison.

3. Ample Variety of Options

There are many different options for online wedding invitations. You don’t have to choose or stick with traditional-looking invitations. There are many options for different themes, including modern and classic. You can also create animated invitations in GIF format. The possibilities are endless.

Digi Wedding Invites

4. Easy on the Pocketbook

The most significant advantage of online wedding invitations is that they are cost-effective. Online wedding invitations cost as much as INR 500 while spending the same amount on a premium card will barely produce 5 invitations in comparison.

5. QR Codes are the New RSVP

For those of you who have created wedding websites and are going digital, there is another useful feature that will speed up your replies: the QR code! Guests can use this code to navigate to your webpage and see your RSVP page, wedding itinerary, and directions to your venue.

Steps to Make Online Wedding Invitations

Creating online wedding invitations is really easy. You can either create your wed-site yourself or hire a professional to make it for you. To create an online invitation on any platform, simply follow these steps

  • Explore the different templates on the website and choose the one you like the most
  • Personalize the invitation according to your requirements
  • Purchase and download the invitation
  • Make a creative amassing of all the essential information
  • Share with your guests

Wedding Invitaton

A List of Dos and Donts for Online Wedding Invitations

1. What links can you add?

Do: Add links to your gift registry and wedding website to your online wedding invitations.

Do Not: Add separate links to your gift registry and wedding website. If you have a wedding website, add a link to it. If you do not have a wedding website, add a link to your gift registry in the invitation.

2. What information is necessary to be included in the online invitation?

Do: Add all information about the events, including addresses, time of day, how to RSVP, dress code, etc.

Do Not: Don’t mention more than one event per invitation page.

3. What about the Design and Colours of the Invitation?

Do: Choose your design and colours keeping the font in mind. Choose colours in contrast with the font. That way, the font will be visible clearly (because the information needs to be the main focal point).

Do Not: Avoid cluttered designs. Also, when choosing colours and designs for your invitations, make sure they are working in tandem with the overall theme of your wedding.

4. When should you Send the Invitations?

Do: Send invitations at least 4-6 weeks before the wedding and 12 weeks in case of destination weddings.

Do Not: Send invitations 1-2 weeks before the wedding and don’t expect many people to show up, especially if online wedding invitations are the only type of wedding invitation you are sending to your guests.

Wedding Invitation Digital

With these few tips, you are ready to start your journey to make your wedding invitations modern, feasible, and environmentally friendly. As digital wedding invitations not only make the perfect way to inform everybody at once but wedding invitation websites can also be used to upload wedding pictures and cherish them as memorabilia forever.


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