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Wedding Cake Ideas

Your wedding can be every bit of a quintessential affair but it is incomplete without the sweetness and blissfulness of your wedding cake. A delectable menu can apprehend your nuptial and leave the guests complimenting about your splendour wedding. While the scrumptious food is important, we cannot forget the essence of a wedding cake. An ideal wedding cake should be a statement cake that blends well with the aesthetics and style of your wedding.

The choice of your cake depends on whether your wedding setup is indoors or outdoors, you can take inspiration from the ambience of your setting. Your wedding cake should also speak a volume about your inner spirit and the bond you share. A classic bride can opt for classic cake ideas but it does not always have to be white. You can add other pastel colours like shades of pink or mint. If you are more of a contemporary bride, a few innovations like geometric details or printed designs can do wonders. If your style is more of a bohemian bride, you should go for earthy tones with flower wreaths or leafy vines. Here are a few cake ideas that you and your guests will devour on your big day.

Textured Flowers

Floral Cake

This cake idea evokes subtle and soft elegance vibes. A matte white design of the cake with finished floral petals is perfect for your outdoor wedding.

Something Blue

Blue Cake

This multi-tiered blue cake is a masterpiece in itself. The colour combination of blue and golden is an eye-stealer in itself. All the layers look class apart still with different designs and textures. The rich base is accented with glittering metallic details and unique designs.

Geometric Details

Geometric Cake

This geometric-designed cake is for the cool and composed couple. This ultra-modern design cake will enhance the beauty of your nuptials. The highlight of this three-tiered white cake is the geometric detail in between. Simplicity is accentuated with a dash of innovation.

Caricature Cake

Caricature Cake

These cute cakes go well with all kinds of wedding aesthetics. They are ideal for couples whose vibe is high-spirited and playful.

Fruit Splash

Fruit Splash Cake

Topped with raspberries, strawberries and floral ascents, this cake is perfect for couples who relish fruits. The vibrant colours of this cake are eye-catching and compel you to savour every bite.

Golden Cake

Golden Cake

This opulent metallic gold detailed cake will effortlessly complement your night wedding ceremonies. For a regal wedding, go for cakes with all the glam. This polished design of the cake looks fabulous.

Bohemian Cake

Bohemian Cake

Bohemian cakes comprise earthy tones, ferns and pampas grass. For a bohemian dream go for a textured cake with nude shades or earthy hues with contrasting floral details.

Sequin Cake

Sequin Cake

The soft black buttercream cake comprises thousands of edible sequins. This rarely-seen cake idea is a dose of maximalism. The black base accentuates the colour splash of the sequins. This luscious cake is perfect for both day and night wedding.

Simplicity At Its Best

Simplicity Cake


This minimalistic cake idea is simple and sophisticated. The pastel hues will elegantly complement the subtle aesthetics of your wedding. The cake is topped with a bunch of floral detailing. This natural and fresh aesthetic just screams of spring.


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