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Contrasting Jewellery with Couture

If you would like your look to make an emboldening statement, contrasting the hues of your jewellery with your couture could be exactly what you need. With contrasting jewellery encircling the fashion trends nowadays, this recurring trend has been around the corner for quite some time now.

Instead of going for the traditional jewellery combinations, pick vibrant hues that perfectly bridge the contrast with your outfits. However, in order to successfully make it work, you need to access how different colours culminate together to make vivid combinations. Don’t worry, we won’t go into a full-blown colour theory lecture mode. Instead, we’ll leave a set of rules for making effervescent colour-contrasting combinations for your kind perusal.

Contrasting But In The Same Colour Family!

Contrasting Jewellery

While you’re rocking a pastel-coloured outfit with colours such as peach, green, light pink, lilac, or sky blue coloured lehengas, then we suggest you opt for jewellery in the same hue family, but in a much darker and more contrasting shade. That way, the jewellery stands out against the lighter-coloured outfit and becomes the showstopper. Choosing jewellery adorned with rubies, and dark pink stones would be a great combination with a light pink or peach lehenga. Whereas, dark green beaded jewellery with a light green coloured outfit, or blue stone studded jewellery paired with a pale blue outfit would look absolutely divine. Such a contrast works best with a long necklace combined with a neutral shorter one or else the colours could become overbearing.

Colour-Blocking Jewellery Options

Colour blocking Jewellery

Want to go one step further to up your contrasting game? We highly recommend contrasting your jewellery with your lehenga in an entirely different hue. For instance, if you wear a bold emerald necklace or a modern style mala with green beads contrasting your warm-toned light-hued lehenga, it would provide the exact contrasting bold look that you’re aiming for.

Styling Bright Hues With White

Styling Bright Hues With White Jewellery

Acting as a clean slate, a white outfit is a perfect canvas for your jewellery to take the stage and shine. Imagine any hues you would like, you can never go wrong with any colour of statement jewellery and style it white with your white lehengas. Not to forget those white lehengas are extremely trendy right now. You won’t get a more perfect opportunity than this to look fashionably put together and trendy at the same time.

Adding Pearls To The Contrasting Concoction

Pearls Jewellery

Out with the monotonous shades, and in with the pearl perfection. Escalate your bridal look or outfit with extremely colourful hues and pair them up with pearls. Pearl jewellery would look fabulous with both dark or bright-coloured outfits from maroons to blues.

Bright Jewellery With Neutral Outfits

Bright Jewellery With Neutral Outfits

An exquisite combination would be rocking a neutral outfit like a cream-coloured off-white lehenga with bright shades of contrasting jewellery such as turquoise, green, pink and blue that go very well together and provide them much-needed oomph to add that pop of colour to the entire wedding look.

Pairing The Colours Of Borders With The Jewellery

Jewellery Pairing

If you’re new to the contrasting game and willing for an option to play it safe and still look stylish, then this option would be perfect. It’s a classic contrasting technique that has been used for ages. And it goes excellent each time. Try it out to escalate your outfits.

Diamond Jewellery Contrasting

Diamond Jewellery

Adorning lehengas pertaining to sequins, stone work, or gota patti work, can provide a refreshing contrast with diamond jewellery making it look really classy, without any clashing factor. Diamond sets have the potency to appear contrasting with the gota patti work, for instance, and yet match with the work to achieve a serene bridal look. Diamond set that are studded with matching coloured stones like emeralds, rubies etc., can make the look appear to be tied together and make a vivacious contrasting combination altogether!

Blending Gold And Silver Into The Contrasting Mix

Gold & Silver Jewellery

Why not go one step further and indulge in a contrasting combination within the jewellery itself? Confused? Allow us to enlighten you. Layered statement jewellery looks elegant and chic at the same time. You just need to ensure that some element, be it the colours of stones and design work, matches the outfit. For instance, gold with zardozi work or diamond with sequin work blends really well together. If you wish to stand out on your wedding day, this type of statement jewellery would look gorgeous with your red-coloured bridal lehenga. Again, please make sure the colour of the outfits is not overdone.

With this elaborative list of rules to contrast colours with your outfits, you’re ready to mix and match and have fun with the colours. Playing around with the hues of jewellery contrasting the outfit adds a whole new dimension of character to the bridal look. So, don’t be shy and feel free to experiment with hues to match your outfits and make it a perfect blend altogether.


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