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Winter Hair Care Tips for Brides

A couple would want to celebrate their wedding with friends and family, look their finest, and mark a big milestone in their lives. The key to looking beautiful is having thick, healthy hair, which requires meticulously adhering to a hair care regimen month in advance. If you’re organising a winter wedding, be aware that you might need to maintain a regular hair care schedule. Wintertime skin dryness typically spreads to the scalp and causes flakiness and dandruff problems.

We at Wedvendors have picked a few techniques that will help you change the look of your hair.

  • Proper oil hair massages

Winter hair champiWhen it comes to hair maintenance, nothing surpasses Grandma’s special hot oil massage. Winters may be hard on the hair, but most winter hair problems can be resolved with a thorough oiling regimen. It will not only stop hair loss, but it will also maintain the scalp’s moisture balance.

  • Controlling Fizziness

 repair frizzy hairFrizzy hair in the winter. It may be nearly hard to manage that frizz with all those jackets, scarves, sweaters, and wool clothing. Depending on your hair type, leave-in moisturisers, mousse, and hair serums are some of the treatments available on the market that may be used to tame frizz. Avoid washing with warm water since it makes hair frizzier.

  • Hair Mask

 applying Hair maskIt’s sometimes necessary to use more than one product when one is not enough. The hair benefits from additional nourishment and longer-lasting hydration when a hair mask is used once per week. The hair becomes healthy, and the moisture is sealed.

  • Shampoo ingredients check

 shampoo INGREDIENT checkMany shampoos include hazardous components like sulphate, alcohol, parabens, and silicones that, although intended to wash your scalp, actually irritate it more. It is crucial that you verify the ingredients before purchasing your shampoo because of this.

  • Say no to heat appliances!

SAY NO TO HEAT APPLIANCESIt should come as no surprise that heat ruins your hair. And it’s hardly surprising that we find it difficult to resist styling our hair. Use no heat-producing styling products for the upcoming several months (until your wedding). It will prevent significant damage to your hair. Moreover, letting your hair dry naturally is crucial. When you wash your hair, don’t leave the house right away. Since the air outdoors isn’t the nicest at the moment, let them dry before leaving.

  • Wide Tooth Hair Brush

 use wide tooth hair brushOne of the most crucial elements is this. You can still lose hair even if you are routinely combing and using the preceding methods. If you wish to try to reduce it, choose a step-by-step combing procedure, beginning with a wide-toothed comb. It helps to massage the scalp, distribute your hair oil evenly, and enhance blood circulation. It doesn’t tug at your hair or result in unneeded hair loss because of the gentler bristles.

  • Balanced Diet

 balanced diet FOR HEALTHY HAIRCAREProtein makes up about 80–85 percent of your hair. Even though the hair is made of keratin, consuming foods high in protein, such as eggs, poultry, or soy, has been demonstrated to promote hair development over time. One hundred grammes of protein per day are the required amounts. Additionally, consuming a lot of protein is beneficial for your general health, so you can continue doing so even after your wedding.


Simply follow these simple instructions, and your hair will be prepared to withstand the winter! Last but not least, treat yourself to a hair spa. Continue taking care of your hair even after the wedding.




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