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We’ve all been drawn to Pinterest’s ethnic style, which encourages us to experiment with unique jewellery on the wedding day. If there is one accessory that quickly improves the bridal appearance among all the jewellery, it is a “Nath.” A simple hoop fastened around the nose draws attention to a bride’s facial characteristics and gives the entire ensemble an unmistakable personality. Nearly every bride imagines donning a nath on her wedding day because of the seductive appeal it gives. The finest thing is that a nath may be worn by those who don’t have nose piercings.

Making sure it complements the lehenga and other accessories is important. We’ve put up a list of 10 bridal nose ring styles to make the selection process simpler.

  • Pearl Studded Naths

 bridal pearl studded nathOne piece of jewellery that can never go wrong is pearl jewellery. Every hue and outfit would look good with this Nath design. You can choose jewellery made entirely of pearls or combine Kundan and Jadau. This stunning Nath will undoubtedly enable you to sport the perfect bridal appearance.

  • Diamond Naths

 bridal diamond naathThis bridal nose ring will undoubtedly draw attention. A beautiful diamond nath is the epitome of elegance and grace. Furthermore, if you don’t want to go with something gold or brightly coloured, you should definitely look into this.

  • Kundan Naths

Bridal kundan nathEvery bride’s go-to jewellery choice is kundan. This gorgeous bridal nose ring has just the right amount of elegance and sheen. Additionally, this complements all Indian traditional wedding attire quite nicely. This can be the one if you want a heavier bridal style.

  • Gold Nose Ring

 Wedvendors gold nathAll brides who desire a look made entirely of pure gold will love this kind of bridal nose ring. This wedding item may be worn with either a white South Indian saree or the conventional red lehenga. It will also complement other South Indian jewellery beautifully.

  • Oversized nose ring

oversized bridal nathThis bridal Nath is ideal if you want something that makes a statement. This big, gorgeous nose ring is used by brides. All bridal lehengas will look great with it, especially if you choose a red one.

  • Emerald Nose ring

Bridal emerald nathEvery type of jewellery looks beautiful with emeralds. On your wedding day, this emerald and diamond-studded bridal nath will unquestionably offer you a royal appearance and feel. All brides who choose to opt for a large nath will be impressed by this item’s size.

  • Single Hoop nath

 single hoop nathAs it complements practically every face shape and attire, the single hoop nath is a go-to. Even better is that it doesn’t completely enclose your face. It is a simple, understated complement to your stunning bridal suit.

  • Floral Nath

Floral Bridal nathYou don’t want to choose the standard gold, diamond, or Kundan Nath, do you? For you, we offer the ideal alternative. This pearl and fake flower bridal nose ring is stunning. For a modern wedding, this flower jewellery and bridal nose ring are perfect.

  • Dramatic Nath

Bridal Dramatic NathDespite the fact that the bridal nose ring is gigantic, you can still see all of the hair and facial features. Both the crescent nose ring and the golden pearl designs are featured on the Nath. Additionally, this is a perfect synthesis of all the lovely designs if you are having difficulties choosing.

  • Multi layered Chain Nath

Bridal multilayered nathBrides who want to avoid trying new nose rings and prefer a light nose ring should opt for this wedding nath. The nose ring’s additional chain layers give it magnificence and glam.


Now that you’re all aware of the different varieties of bridal nose rings that may add charm to your wedding appearance, simply choose the one that you most like, and we bet you’ll be the talk of the town once you make your entrance as a bride wearing these gorgeous jewellery pieces. Moreover, you are not required to wear this nose ring only on your wedding day. It may be used again for celebrations, events, and festivals.



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