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Western Gown Ideas To Inspire Your Next Big Party Look

A western gown is that gorgeous outfit you reach out to when you need something for a more formal function. A western gown gives you a look of royalty and elegance. Since they are a long pattern they give you a look of a princess. Whether it’s a wedding function, a party or even a festive formal dance, you could reach out for a stunning gown to look your best.

There is plenty of designers, party wear western gowns to choose from. Here, we have put out a list of some of the best western gowns to wear for a formal affair. So check them out!

  1. Queen of the Dunes


The opulence and richness of the Middle Eastern culture are brought to life through this western gown. Designed by Manish Malhotra, this gown was put together by a team of about 30 different artisans who worked together to infuse the glamorous appeal of the Middle-East into this design.

The vibrancy of the region is shown through the beautiful embroidered crystal and sequin artwork that’s combined with trails of ruby red and ivory for the perfect Arabian vibe. The gorgeous ombre effect all over the sleeves and flair gives this western gown a dramatic touch. Wear this example of classic Manish Malhotra gowns for a grand party to look absolutely stunning and majestic.

  1. Beauty in White


This is a spectacular white gown design amid western gown inspirations that’s all glittery with a nice long trail. If you’re looking for something like this that’s quite formal and elegant, then there are plenty of options available. Going for sequins is always a good idea as it makes the outfit look very stunning and grand.

Sequins are available in a variety of colours, so you could choose the colour you prefer or simply go with a mix of different colours to make the western gown stand out beautifully. Long trail outfits (as seen with saree gowns for one) are another fabulous option when it comes to gowns.

  1. Pretty Like Twinkling Stars


A western gown like this will make you look like a vision in white. Made with gorgeous gossamer fabric, this gown is intricately embellished with crystals. The lovely floral pieces you see all over and the deep neck style just makes this western gown a masterpiece for sure.

The embellished cape just adds on to the beauty of the piece.

  1. Sexy In Red


A red western gown can always make you look sexy for any occasion. The bright colour alone will make your gown stand out no matter the pattern. There are plenty of stunning red western gown styles available online that you could simply scan through to get some inspiration to design your very own western gown.

This red gown is a simple off-shoulder pattern, yet it looks extremely classy and fashionable because of the stunning colour. Team a gown like this with the right set of diamond jewellery for a great look.

  1. Gorgeous in Rose Gold


Take a look at this statement piece from designer gowns by Manish Malhotra. A western gown in a gorgeous rose gold colour is all you need to up your style. What’s interesting about this gown is the sequinned tulle inserts that are beautifully placed around in a criss-cross pattern.

Carefully handcrafted with sequin and thread work from Kashmir. What more do you need to complete the look when you already have a gown like this that takes away all the attention?

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