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Passa Jewellery Ideas For The Most Regal Bridal Look

It would be wrong to say that every third bride is opting for passa jewellery for their big day these days, as the statistics probably say that every second bride is doing it. The biggest merit of choosing passa jewellery, however, remains that with the gazillion different styles and designs available, no bride fears to look similar to anyone else. It is an elegant and classy piece of hair jewellery that suits almost every face, every type of bridal outfit and every hairstyle. We’ve simplified the entire process of choosing the perfect passa jewellery for you so that you look flawless on your big day. We hope this makes the decision much easier for you.

  1. The Delicacy of Multiple Pearl Strings Passa Jewellery


This one is for our brides that do not enjoy the attention too much and would rather keep the tone of their bridal jewellery subtle and the design classy. Passa jewellery with multiple pearl strings is one of the most commonly found types that go with anything and everything.

For brides that do not want theirs to look a one-off have ample scope to get its embellishment designed their own way. You can use coloured gemstones that match or contrast your outfit and adds a lot of life to the pearl passa jewellery.

  1. The Elegance of a Moon Shaped Only Pearl Passa Jewellery


Pearl jewellery is most bride’s favourite as they don’t just match most Indian outfits but also makes them look more elegant. However, when it comes to passa jewellery, the pearl is one of the most common and therefore needs to be enhanced with an eye-catching embellishment.

If you ask us, we love a large moon-shaped embellishment coming up till your face and making you look just as pretty as the real moon. For brides that like this idea can go ahead and choose the most delicate design that they like in moon embellishments and keep their passa jewellery ready for their big day.

  1. The Gorgeousness of Contrasting Gemstones in Bridal Passa Jewellery


With monotones and single colour bridal lehengas being the current trend, brides are usually looking for something contrasting with their jewellery. Well, we love the idea as well because it not just makes the outfit light up but also helps the jewellery stand out.

So if you’re a bride who is wearing a full pink or a full red outfit, then green and blue gemstone passa jewellery can really make for a standout look. Just like this though, make sure your passa jewellery design is a modern one too. Avoid the pearl strings and choose bolder designs like a flower-shaped embellishment on your head. Make sure the design does justice to your look and matches your bridal jewellery too.

  1. The Old World Charm of Vintage Passa Jewellery


You hear the phrase old is gold almost every single day if you are in the phase of your wedding shopping. Ever wondered why people are so stuck on the vintage jewellery? Well because, in today’s social media world, the stuff that stands out the most is what isn’t already available on your online shopping sites, and Facebook and Instagram. If your mom or grannie have vintage jewellery set with passa jewellery, we’d say grab it and run. Nor is it just irreplaceable, but also one that’ll look better than any piece of expensive modern jewellery.

  1. The Breath-taking Gajra Design in Passa Jewellery


Brides love the idea of adding Gajra to their bridal look, but what if it’s not a real Gajra? We have something even better that they’ll love, passa jewellery that looks like a bunch of fresh Gajra. It is a delicate piece made with small pearls and Kundan stones put together. This passa jewellery is so heavy to look at that it automatically becomes the most appropriate choice for a bride’s big day. With multiple delicate strands of pearls put together, this beauty looks like a total work of art. So if you think pearls match your bridal day outfit and other jewellery pieces then don’t even think twice before choosing this as the one.

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