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Wedding Table-Settings Inspiration You Ought To Bookmark

We think, that they are the magic wands that infuse an old-world charm to any occasion and yet look so modernistic. No matter how understated or overly done, tablescapes have there own way of bringing a timeless understated glamour to any event. After all, a sit-down dinner is the perfect conversation starter when you want to keep it heart to heart during your wedding festivities. And, they are Oh-so trending this season too. Check out these elegantly enormous table-settings to add on that extra oomph to your wedding soiree:

  • Wedding lunch/brunch in a garden-inspired tablescape


The shades of green aptly enhanced with crisp white florals make for a perfect table setting during those warm winter afternoons.

  • Low floor table decor for the chilled out vibe


The cushions carelessly strewed around the low rise wooden table are adding the perfect panache here.

  • One can never go wrong with candlelit decor


Greenery strategically infused with lights provides an instant backdrop for a gorgeous table setting. This detailing is perfect for those dinners under the stars when you want to keep it restricted to special family and friends.

  • ‘Gold is never old-fashioned


This gold inspired table setting is perfect to style any wedding ceremony. When it comes to table styling, everything is in the details.

  • An understated yet beautiful table setting


Table covers in blue and grey give an instant lift to your table settings. They can be matched with variant colour cutlery to create a visually appealing effect.

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