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Trending Bridal Hairstyles

The final countdown for India’s most sought-after event of the year has begun. The wedding season is upon us! Getting ready for your special day can be quite an overwhelming experience especially when it comes to styling your hair. There are so many factors that need to be taken into consideration such as the type of cut, length, and volume that you want to achieve along with the overall feel of your wedding theme. With so many things to think about, here are some suggestions that may help you kick-start your preparations. From simple updos to intricate braids and pretty much everything in between, get inspired with these trending Indian bridal hairstyles. To make things a little easier, Wedvendors lists 7 trending Indian bridal hairstyles that you can opt for this wedding season.

  • Traditional Buns

traditional bun
The Classic Bridal Bun, Via Wedmegood

If you want the traditional appearance, this one is ideal for you. It’s understandable that not everyone is at ease trying out heavy hairstyles that need a lot of effort to maintain, and big buns might even give you a headache. Therefore, choosing a classic bridal hairstyle with a floral hair wreath is all you need for a stunning wedding day hairstyle.

  • Bun ornated with exquisite white flowers

 white flowers pic
Beautiful Bun with white flower, pic credit- ShaadiWish, Pinterest

If you want to tone things down and look stunning, this white flower bun is a great choice. You may have a splash of colour in your wedding decorations or even your wedding gown. For the big day, this bridal bun with a bunch of white flowers is ideal to wear with your bridal lehenga or saree. If you want to match your wedding attire with an ornate hairdo, this bridal hairstyle with Matha Patti looks wonderful. That never goes out of fashion!

  • Hefty buns with delicate flowers

Heavy buns accessorized with flowers
Heavy buns accessorized with flowers , pic credit- WedMeGood, Pinterest

Already stunning bridal hairdos are made even more elegant with the addition of classic peach roses and baby breath on a hefty bun and delicate tendrils on both sides. The bun has intriguing twists and curves that set it apart from normal buns.

  • Braided Buns

Gorgeous Bridal braided buns
Gorgeous braided buns, Via Pinterest

French and fishtail braids look great when you tie your hair up into a bun. The classic bridal bun has never been done in such an amazing way. A bun placed at the nape of your neck has a softer, more graceful appearance than one done higher on the head. Any pre-wedding event, including the sangeet, mehendi, or shagan, will look lovely with this haircut. A stunning bridal hairstyle!

  • The Top Knot Buns

Top knot bun
Top knot bun, pic credit- WedMeGood, Pinterest

This hairstyle is perfect for you if you like high puffs! Your hair should be pulled back into a high bun at the top. Use a maang tikka if you’d like, but because this is a slightly westernised version of the conventional Indian bridal bun, no more adornments are necessary. To get the ideal look, pull out a few strands and curl them.

  • Wavy Locks

Beautiful wavy lock
Beautiful wavy lock pic credit- WeddingBazaar, Pinterest

Thanks to Alia Bhatt and her wavy hairstyle at her wedding, a new trend has been introduced, and waves are here to stay. In order to give the bride’s hair more volume, it is blow-dried for some time in this manner. Later, a hair spray is used to create and set finger waves. To finish the style, you may add accessories to your hair, such as sheesh patties. Alia opted to keep things simple with a loose veil and hair accessories.

  • Ornated Braids

Accessorised Bridal braids
Accessorised Bridal braids, Via Pinterest

Braids are a gorgeous option to authenticate your appearance, especially if your wedding attire is authentically Indian and is inspired by the country’s historic and traditional dances. Although this fashion is more common in the South of the nation, it is also steadily becoming popular in other regions. These days, women are giving these braids a twist by making fishtails out of them. Fishtails look best when combined with simple accessories like fresh flowers or gold/diamond hairpins.

Prioritize your wedding hairstyle as it cannot be altered during the ceremony and must remain in place to avoid tangling your accessories, attire, and hairstyle altogether. We hope that you will be interested in attempting these hairstyles on your big day.


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