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5 Trendy Hairstyles To Protect Your Hair On Holi

Festivals hold a distinctive vibe and grandeur. With the festival of colours being around the corner your whole look should match the zest of the occasion. While you must have decided your attire beforehand, or what footwear you are going to incorporate with your outfit, for sure you haven’t thought of your hairdo. Here are some quirky, bold and dramatic hairstyle inspirations you can pull off this Holi. While you are prepping your skin to safeguard it from harsh colours, don’t forget about your hair. These Holi-inspired chic hairstyles will also protect your hair from damage by the harsh inorganic colours. Hop on to these trendy hairstyles and look absolutely stunning!

The tousled low bun

Low Bun - Wedding Affair

Best suited for medium or long hair, this hairstyle is a go-to hairstyle for many. This super-stylish bun can be attained easily and it also complements every genre of attire. This hairdo will protect your hair ends from harsh colours which are most reluctant to get damaged. You can even ornate your hairdo with some flowers to obtain that flawless ethnic look.

Milkmaid braid 

Milkmaid Braid - Wevendors

Another elegant and stylish hairdo is the milkmaid braid. This extra hairstyle is a bit tedious to achieve but counts as one of the ultra-fashionable hairstyles you can carry. Milkmaid braid looks astounding with graceful ethnic wear, heavily embellished jewellery and minimal makeup. Also, this hairstyle assembles your hair into a bun protecting your hair from the harm of the colours.


Top Knot - Wedvendors

A hassle-free hairstyle that can be achieved in seconds is the Topknot hairstyle. This simple yet chic hairstyle is a saviour if you are heading to a Holi party in casual fits. Topknot hairdo protects your hair from the damage caused by harsh chemical powders. You can finish off the look by spritzing a hair-setting spray.


Pigtails - Wedvendors

A cute, girl-next-door hairstyle: pigtails are suitable for hair of every length. Pull out some hair strands from the crown area to give it a bit hippie vibe. Adorn this hairstyle with casual fits like a white T-shirt or denim shorts and slay the colourful event.

Messy braid 

Messy Braid - Wedvendors

A hairdo that matches the vibe of the festivities is a Messy braid. A classical and sophisticated hairstyle, a messy braid is suitable for long to medium-length hair. To attain this look you have to fabricate a long braid and pull some strands to give it a messy look. You can elevate this look by adding flowers to your braid.


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