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Top 5 Tips For Brides Planning Their Own Wedding

There is a multitude of things that run on a bride’s mind while planning her wedding. These are reasons enough that can stress her for days on end. From the right venue to the right kind of decor, from the right outfit to the right accessories, the wedding planning requires thorough precision and numerous nerve-racking days. But there is absolutely no need to worry, we are here to help you cope with your wedding planning anxiety. By making yourself aware of a few tricks of the trade, wedding planning shall feel no less than a cakewalk to you. Wed Vendors shares top 5 tips for brides planning their own wedding.

1. Stick To The Budget

Don’t go all over the board splurging money, make room for the absolute necessities first and then take care of the fancy stuff. You ought to keep some money in reserve as well. Better still, prepare a budget cared for yourself and stick to it.



2. Guest List

Keep your guest list short and sweet. It is a hassle to cope with a lot of guests and look after their needs. The lower the number, the better the party shall turn out to be.


3. Wedding Photographer

Make sure you have pre-booked your favourite wedding photographer. It is better if you seal the deal with the photographer beforehand to save yourself from the end-moment hassle.


4. Dial The Fashion Police

Don’t go experimenting with the ensembles of your wedding day. Stick to the tried and tested, something that you feel confident in or simply just take advice from your go-to fashion police.

5. Ask help

We know that you want to be a ‘wonder woman’ and do it all by yourself. But remember that it is okay to ask for a little help.


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