Classy Wedding Invitation Ideas For 2020

Sure the first few thoughts that cross one’s mind when talking about weddings are of the rock n’ roll on the dance floor and booze flowing and that’s pretty reasonable. But before any of that wild fun kicks off, there are a few things that the couple customarily needs to take care of. And the most initial and crucial one is figuring out what your wedding invite must look like. The process might sound a little boring but you can always induce fun to it if you have all the rights ideas filtered out in your head. The trend in wedding invite design has been subject to a lot of transitions and lately, there are some quite aesthetic and classy design ideas in vogue. Invitations help set in the mood of your wedding and therefore your invite must translate the cheerful vibes to your guests.

Wedvendors has enlisted a few popular wedding invitation ideas that are so drool-worthy that it would make you want to get married.

1. Invites With Wax Seal

Putting a wax seal on your wedding invite just subtly brings out the idea of you two getting married cause isn’t it what a wedding is all about, putting a stamp on your love for each other! And plus, wax seals look super posh and regal.

2. Handkerchief Invite

Why use paper when you can use a handkerchief to make your invite even more memorable and well to help with the happy waterworks that would be coming through by the end of the wedding. Trust us on this, embroidered calligraphic texts would make your guests feel like they are about to attend some princely affair.

3. Invites With Laser Cut Design

We can’t bring ourselves to believe the fact that one would ever say no to an artsy invite like this. Intricate and ornate laser cut design like the one in the picture makes it look like as if a fairy herself delivered it. What, everyone has their own fantasies!

4. Wooden Invites


If you’re a fan of everything rustic yet elegant, then a wooden engraved invite is what you should go for. It has a unique country vibe to it and if you’re planning a wedding in an outdoor setting with trees and greenery all around, then this invite design would be absolutely appropriate for that.

5. Acrylic Invites

 This invite is not amongst the ones that would end up in the pile with other invites but the one that would go in the showcase rack, it’s our word. Golden calligraphic fonts look supremely divine on the transparent slate. And the acrylic base makes it non-perishable so you can always throw it in your husband’s face when he forgets your wedding anniversary. Kidding! Or are we?


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