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Things To Keep in Mind Before Hiring a Wedding DJ

Indian weddings are boisterous celebrations that involve a large amount of music, dancing, and dhol. But you must have a DJ in the house to get the party rolling. A wedding DJ is essential whether it’s for your Sangeet, Mehndi, or cocktail hour. Who doesn’t enjoy swaying to some Bollywood wedding hits, after all?

A skilled wedding DJ can make everyone dance. There is no doubt that the aunties will start hitting Thumkas, and the uncles will surely take over the stage while doing the Nagin dance. But if the DJ makes a mistake, the entire gathering might become chaotic. How can you make sure that your wedding DJ’s performance goes according to plan?Make sure all the guests enjoy to every bits.

Wedvendors has covered some tips for choosing the ideal DJ for your wedding in this blog article. Keep in mind that what works for someone else may not work for you as you search for the ideal kind of entertainment.

  • Check with the Venue

Check The Venue details properlyYou should confirm with your venue before hiring your DJ. You should be aware of any limitations they may have, such as noise regulations, a music curfew, the availability and load of electrical circuits, and deadlines for setting up and taking down the DJ’s equipment. Check the locations of the outlets in your event area when performing your site inspection. This will give you a general picture of your floor design, including the location of the dance floor and the DJ’s equipment.

  • Go through Their social media

Check out their social media accountsThe majority of DJs are active online. To learn more about their level of experience, check out their Facebook and Instagram. Look through images and their background to explore where they have played. Additionally, be sure to read any good posts. Has anyone commented on how much they enjoyed the performance? Do they seem to have enjoyed themselves?

  • Hear out their samples

Listen to their Mix samplesA DJ will connect their social media to their Soundcloud and YouTube accounts. You may see genuine samples of their mixes online. Consider what you want guests to say during your reception. Make sure they have every demographic covered, whether it is top 40 songs, throwbacks, or special requests. Grandma wants to dance as well! You could also look at videos of the DJ’s earlier appearances. Here, you may look at the audience’s responses to the DJ in a live environment in more detail. A skilled DJ is able to gauge the mood of the crowd by reading the environment.

  • Share your Playlist

Share your Favourite songs and suggestions  with the DJYour DJ should preferably have a good mix of recent hits and timeless music. However, speaking with the artist in advance isn’t a bad idea. Discuss your requirements and the music that must be played during the reception. Additionally, you have the chance to choose which songs you would like them to exclude. Give a list of songs you personally don’t want to play. Also, remember that the music playing throughout supper should be relaxed. Create a Spotify playlist to show your DJ what the perfect dinner and cocktail hour environment looks like.

  • Get a Gear List

Enquire about the equipment of the DJAsk your DJ about their equipment list. What will they bring with them? Typically, a wedding DJ would bring their own controller decks, laptop, sound system, and microphone. A venue may, however, have its own sound system that the DJ can use. Ask the artist and the venue manager if their gear is appropriate for the reception hall and loud enough to be heard there.

  • Check The Personality

Check their PersonalityMake sure the DJ you hire is energetic while finalizing your selection. Meeting and speaking with them before hiring is the best way to figure that out. Some DJs could be gregarious extroverts while others might struggle to speak in front of crowds or make announcements. A skilled DJ will strike the right balance between the two. Make sure the DJ you pick understands how to effectively use the microphone because of the significant function that they play. Get a sense of the DJ’s personality by meeting them before making a reservation.


Finding someone that exactly matched the description would be hard, but that is alright. The initial impression is everything, so if you have a good feeling about the person and you think they know what they’re talking about, go ahead and employ the DJ. You may also look into the top DJ services to aid in your search for the finest DJs available in your locality at Wedvendors.


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