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Indian weddings are renowned for their extravagant splendour and cheerful atmosphere, which are fully enjoyed by all of the family and loved ones. Cocktail parties may be by far the most entertaining and thrilling addition to the list of events at an Indian wedding, which often lasts a week and includes several other activities, ceremonies, and customs. It is not only the easiest event to organise, but it also offers a much-needed break between two crucial events. It enables you to let loose, dance to upbeat music, have some fine cocktails, and spend quality time with your loved ones. The couple’s friends and cousins like the cocktail party the most of all the celebrations. You may relax, be yourself, and savour every second with your friends and family without worrying about tight rules on this one day.

People in India today are experimenting by choosing a mix of themes for cocktail parties. Therefore, if you want to make it an enjoyable evening, you must have décor with lovely themes. Cocktail parties that are whimsical and romantic guarantee a great night with your loved ones. Wedvendors presents some innovative themes and ideas for your cocktail party.

  • Luxurious Décor

Luxurious Decor Theme for cocktail night

This cocktail party décor, which has been inspired by the retro era, will bring you the pinnacle of luxury. Bow-tied bartenders, a venue with a lot of trees, wooden furniture and carpeting, and a lot of fairy lights give the design a magical appearance! In order to give visitors a chance to unwind after a long night of dancing, you may also install elegant seats and tables throughout the space. You may also place name card holders on each table to give it a more upscale and private atmosphere.

  • Mystical Forest Theme

 Forest Theme Cocktail DecorThe enchanted woodland is well known if you are familiar with the movie Frozen. Even if you don’t, you’ll like this enchanting theme, which may be displayed at a venue surrounded by nature, such as your garden or a park with plenty of trees and other vegetation. Your incredible cocktail décor will be perfect if you decorate it with tonnes of sparkling fairy lights and other shiny trinkets. One of the hottest decorating concepts for cocktail parties right now is this. You must try it!

  • A Bonfire Night

 Bonfire theme cocktail decorFor a winter wedding, decorations with a bonfire theme outdoors can be perfect. There can be a bonfire in the middle with ample room for people to dance and sing. This might be a fantastic cocktail party decor idea with the addition of some fairy lights on the trees and some rustic wooden furniture. Furthermore, you may arrange lanterns and diyas throughout the venue to further enhance its allure.

  • Hawaiian Rumba

 Hawaiian Rumba Cocktail Decor Theme If you choose to have a beach wedding, then a Hawaiian-themed cocktail party is what you must go for, especially if you intend to have a crazy and exciting night with your friends and family! If your wedding isn’t on a beach, ask your wedding planner to design an island-inspired theme using tiki torches and fairy lights to create a genuine atmosphere. Your Hawaiian-themed party will be ready to go when you incorporate components like coconut shells into the decor in some way.

  • Vibrant Quirky Décor

Vibrant Quirky Cocktail Decor ThemeThere are so many diverse interpretations of eccentric theme décor; it all depends on your perspective. You may choose to be your unique self with this cocktail party decor concept, from an entryway lined with colourful umbrellas to colourful and pop-out design components like bulbs and canopies. The world is your sandbox here, so you may go as contemporary or as Indian as you desire!

  • Bohemian Theme

Bohemian Rhapsody Cocktail ThemeEveryone has a friend who desires to have a hippie wedding. Unless, of course, you are already that person. The bohemian wedding theme is best suited for someone who is recognised for being upbeat and easy-going. This would be a spectacular cocktail party décor idea for you if you relate to these qualities.

  • Japanese Kawaii Theme

Japanese Kawaii Cocktail Party ThemeThe sophisticated and exquisite Japanese decorations also appear really tranquil. Any pieces of Japanese culture and customs that you choose to include in your cocktail party decorations are guaranteed to leave an impression on all of your wedding guests. There are countless décor options, such as paper lanterns and installations of artificial cherry blossom trees. The renowned cherry blossom tree sits wonderfully with simple seats that have similar accents. To create the ideal appearance, you may have your celebrations outdoors, which can include a captivating Japanese aesthetic. You may combine contemporary western décor components with your Japanese theme to create a distinctive setup, such as a photo wall, for your cocktail party decorations. It might have had hand-painted cherry blossom accents and genuine flowers as decorations. Japanese rituals have historically included paper lanterns and origami. By incorporating these small details into your overall cocktail party theme, you can convert the room into a lovely area that perfectly captures the spirit and ambience of Japanese culture.

  • The Desi Theme

Desi Coctail Decor ThemeYou may choose this cocktail party décor option if you have chosen to have a shudh desi wedding. While most individuals choose glitz and dazzle for their cocktail night, you may choose something else. A cycle rickshaw serves as a picture backdrop, as well as several flowers, lights, indian props like clay cups and diyas, and even some movie posters.


All of these stunning cocktail party décor theme ideas will serve as inspiration for the wishlists of all the imaginative individuals that have a passion for the arts. Get the Best Wedding Decorators in town listed on Wedvendors to make your job easier and have a blast at your cocktail night.




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