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The Best Bridal Hairstyles!

A bride all decked up and ready to head out for the ceremonies with the friends and family during the nuptials is the prettiest sight to see. The hairstyles that brides select for their weddings are out rightly gorgeous yet so delicate and elegant. Often brides are confused as to which hairstyle will suit them the best on their D-Day. Hence, the Wedvendors has come to their rescue. Here we have shortlisted the best of the best hairstyles that a bride can style –

  1.     All Flower Accessories


Simply decorate your hair with cute and small flowers. Fresh flowers in your hair look stunning on your wedding day. Pretty flowers quite literally transform your basic hairstyle into an elegant and glamorous hairdo.

  1.     Gajra and Bun


With changing trends, women have come up with different ways to decorate the hair with gajra. The speciality of gajra hairstyles is that it can transform the entire look into a traditional and ethnic one. It is just amazing how the decoration of gajra in different patterns can completely change the look!

  1.     Intertwined Braids

    Love Sparkle Pretty

French, Dutch or fishtail Braid — a simple Braid can be wound around the crown for an exquisite look or twisted to make an interesting bun.

  1.     Easy Breezy

    Wilkie Blog

There are lots of curly hairstyles and chic loose updos, as well as hairstyles with hair flowers and updos to wear with a veil for your beach wedding. If you are planning a magic ceremony, go for the magical breezy hairstyles so that you can feel hassle-free and enjoy the moment!

  1.     Headbands

    Dress For The Wedding

The modern brides of today want to look their fashionable best at every ceremony possible. For a sophisticated touch, you may try a look with whimsical curls which are in tune with turbulent ocean waves. A headband with flowers that reminds sea stars is a great accessory to go with this gorgeous hairstyle.

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