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Swoon-Worthy Bridal Mehendi Designs

As one of the most essential and fun parts of a wedding, mehendi certainly entails a lot of significance behind it. The charm of a wedding elongates the memories of the wedding even days after the wedding is over. So, it is only fair that you choose the befitting designs to your liking because you are going to adorn the design for weeks at least.

We reckon that as deep as the colour of the bride’s mehendi comes out to be, as much is the love of the groom depicted for the bride. It may be a superstition but it definitely is an adorable one, to say the least. Following this, we carefully devised this list with the latest mehendi trends in mind to cater to you with a satisfactory design that will vivify your desired inklings into intricate designs.

1. Skylines In Mehendi Designs

Skyline In Mehendi Design

Yes! You read it right. The brides of the present are so creative when it comes to drawing inspiration for ideas even for mehendi designs. The skylines can depict so many wonderful memories and stories that the couple might have shared together. It could also depict the robust future the couple will build in the etched city.

2. Minimalistic Bridal Mehendi

Minimalistic Bridal Mehendi

The minimalistic trend has even influenced the winds of bridal mehendi trends. With sporadic yet intricate designs, the bare skin shines through the design, making it even more alluring for the bride and the groom.

3. Etched Mantras In Between Designs

Etched Mantras In Mehendi Design

Those beatific mantras that will be enchanted during pheras can be a part of your mehendi too. The charm of having those mantras drawn out of your hands is going to be out worldly. It would also put an emphasis on your commitment to your spouse with those mantras decked up in your designs.

4. Wedding-Inspired Latest Designs

Wedding Inspired Mehendi

This one is indeed a classic that never goes out of style. However, there can be interesting twists to these old but gold designs that can escalate your mehendi to the next level.

5. Tribal Caricature Inspired Designs

Tribal Caricature Mehendi Design

Warli Paintings with tribal caricatures can be an excellent addition along with other unique elements like a swing, earthen pots, birds, lotus motifs etc. These simple yet traditional mehndi designs look so edgy and classy at the same time.

6. The Symbolism Of The First Meeting

Symbolism Of First Meeting Mehendi Design

It is a splendid way to etch the special memory of your and your spouse’s first meeting in your wedding mehendi design. The customization of this accord doesn’t get better than this.

7. Constellation As Inspiration

Constellation Inspired Mehendi

Getting the constellations of both your and your spouse’s zodiac sign can be an outstanding way to customize your mehendi designs. It is a fresh trend that has been circling the corners of the mehendi design realms for quite some time.

8. White Mehendi

White Mehendi

Want your mehendi to stand out and break the stereotypical dark preference of mehendi for your bridal mehendi design? We highly recommend white mehendi. It has a majestic allure to it which will definitely set your mehendi apart from the rest.

9. Grooms, Don’t Shy Away!

Grooms Mehendi

Gone are the days when only women used to get wedding mehendis. Nowadays, grooms are also rocking minimalistic mehendi designs to show their love for their brides. It indeed is breaking gender stereotypes and we’re absolutely loving it!

10. Full Mehendi Stain

Full Mehendi Stain

The full mehendi stain is a new and trending style of mehndi designs where the mehendi stain becomes a major part of your bridal mehendi designs. This technique gives your hands a gorgeous colour while reducing the time consumed for the application process as the rest of the design is usually simple yet stunning!

11. Two-Toned Mehendi

Two Toned Mehendi

Your hand becomes the canvas and mehendi becomes the paint, and paves the way for art to be transformed. This intricate technique is so charming that it will take your breath away.

12. Blouse Mehendi Designs

Blouse Mehendi Design

Bored of getting mehendi only on hands and feet? Fret not, adorn your back and sleeves with a mehendi imitation blouse and rock the backless outfits to your heart’s content.

13. Vows On Mehendi Design

Vows On Mehendi

Trailing behind the idea of getting mantras etched as your bridal mehendi, personalized vows can be a part of your bridal mehendi design. As aforementioned, this will embody your commitment to your spouse in a splendid design.

14. Studded Mehendi

Studded Mehendi Design

Add glitz and glam to your mehendi by getting literal studs glued in your mehendi design. Add glitter to your mehendi in the form of small studs uplifting the bridal mehendi designs.

15. Back Of The Feet

Back Of The Feet Mehendi

There’s the tradition to get mehendi designs on your feet, then why leave the back of the feet behind? We reckon it might not strike as the most practical idea, but it is so adorable. You must see it.

With this, we wrap up our mehandi gala for you. We sincerely hope that you found something that piqued your interest. It’s your big day and the design of your wedding mehendi must be approved by your choice, so take that into account. If you really enjoy mehendi, these few ideas might aid in your selection process. Happy mehendi to you, bride-to-be.



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