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Surprise Your Partner With These Trendy Gifts

It’s one of the most important days of both your lives and as you’re promising to love and cherish each other – wouldn’t you love to give your future husband something tangible to cherish himself. Symbolic, thoughtful and appreciative – surprise gifts from you to him on the day you get married will be a special memory you make. Wondering what he could be wishing for though? Here are ten of our guesses. 

  1. Gift Of Time


Let your man know you think of him 24/7 with the ultimate symbol of restrained style – a Rolex. A Rolex transcends its considerable material value and takes on a personal meaning. Take your pick from their collection of prestigious, high precision timepieces in a wide assortment of classic and professional watches for men. But know that their legendary longevity means you’re giving him a future heirloom – one that can be passed down to future generations. The depth and promise of that sentiment will bring a tear to your man’s eye.

  1. Grooming For Your Groom


Does he pamper you? Well, it is time to return the favour. Gift your husband luxurious essentials by KAMA Ayurveda that will teleport him to a world where he is the king. With the power of natural organic ingredients vested in them, Kama products are not just an indulgence but also an effective way of healing the skin, hair, and body in a safe and gentle way. Choose a pre-curated box like the Face Care Gift Box for Men or create your own hamper of cleansers, scrubs, moisturizers along with shaving, hair care, bath and body products.

  1. Ticket To Travel

    gear patrol

Starting a journey together both metaphorically and literally? Present him with travel essentials by TUMI. The brand offers an array of options for you to choose from, right from check-in luggage and travel backpacks to totes and wallets. Their contemporary designs blend flawless functionality with a spirit of ingenuity, and that’s not all – their beauty is backed by brawn as all the products are put through a combination of 30 unique tests before they truly earn the TUMI stamp.

  1. Freeze Frames


You’re going to want to capture every precious moment of the start of your married life but not just any camera can get the tiny emotions and the big panoramic ones… Your man is going to love GoPro! These cameras are designed to provide clarity even to pictures that freeze fast-moving actions. It’s a gift that will enable you to capture life as you live it and share those experiences with each other later. After all, most precious moments don’t have a re-take. So you want them in the first shot!

  1. Lap of Luxury


The brand needs no introduction. From watches to trunks, Louis Vuitton is a world-recognized way to say you’ve arrived, no argument. So if you’re really looking to leave him stoked, buy him a Louis Vuitton labelled product and gift him the experience of being loved, pampered and valued!

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