Jutti Styles That Will Suit Your Taste – For All The Grooms Out There

As a groom, the ensemble that you chose for yourself speaks volumes about your style. While most will say that weddings are all about the bride, we’re here to tell you that you’re just as important; and so are your shoes! After all, it is your footwear that everyone from your bride’s family is going to be after! To help you find styles that will suit your tastes we have a bunch of gorgeous options, with the help of which, you are sure that you put your best foot forward! (quite literally!)

  1. Jutti with a butti


Never underestimate the power of a small sparkling motif. For grooms who are looking for something that’s festive without being over the top, a pair of solid colours shoes with a dainty pattern in the front will do the trick.

  1. Mughal Motifs


Isn’t there something so undyingly romantic about patterns borrowed from the times of kingdoms. Go for a pair of half slipper style shoes that showcases complex designs created using subdued colours for aesthetics that strike a balance between classic and contemporary.

  1. Wonderful Weaves


If you’re not the one for embellishments and embroideries, a pair of shoes that renders designs in its very fabric is your answer. The sheen and the artistry that that material will display is sure to eliminate the need of external work while ensuring that your footwear looks just as festive.

  1. Subdued Sophistication


Some people like it understated and if you are one of them, we have got you covered. Leave your mark by opting for shoes that feature tone-on-tone work. Better yet, select from colours that lean towards the lighter side of the spectrum. This creates interesting textures and intriguing style.

  1. Black Beauty


At your wedding, you are bound to have functions where you will want to step away from the traditional and don something that is more western; a cocktail party for instance. Keep your faith in black patent slide-on leather shoes like these that spell class without making the look appear super formal.

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