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Mehendi Decor Ideas for Your Wedding

The Mehendi ceremony is one of the most significant wedding ceremonies since the celebrations in the Indian marriage system would be incomplete without it. Simply by their mention, mehendi ceremonies evoke several emotions. Yes, those bright orange and yellow hues; auntijis playing the dholak and singing upbeat songs; and the surreal flowery jewellery that makes you feel oh-so-beautiful! The bride’s laughter brightens up the atmosphere, so it’s crucial that the decor conveys the same joyful and upbeat energy. In order to match your happy-frequency that uplifts the atmosphere, we are offering various Mehendi décor ideas.


Colorful Origami Theme for Mehendi, via Pinterest

A thread to bind them together and some coloured glazed papers are all that are required. You may design an appliqué out of your sheets or craft your paper into flowers, birds, or other designs to give your ceremony arrangements a unique, handmade touch that looks cool and kitschy. You will undoubtedly have some flashbacks and be reminded of your school’s art and craft classes.

Floral Theme

Floral Theme for Mehendi Decor, via WeddingSutra

Flowers provide every event fragility, fragrance, and auspice. Flowers, like marigolds, orchids, or roses, instantly make an area seem visually appealing. Flowers never let you down, whether you choose to spread the petals across the tables or exquisitely arrange them together as a bouquet.

Folk Theme

Folk Theme Mehendi Decor, via Pinterest

These days, a common theme for a mehendi ceremony is showcasing your culture, vintage items, or a particular kind of art from a particular time period. For instance, lighting up your mehendi décor with puppets and katputlis has a really appealing and rustic charm. They perfectly convey the culture of Rajasthan to you. A venue may be quickly transformed by adding elements from your culture.

Color-Based Theme

Colour Coordinated Theme For Mehendi

Yellow being the most common option, different shades may be the focal point of a mehandi theme. A color-coordinated theme is timeless and one of the most popular ones for everything from cushions to curtains, the dress code, to the venue entry.

Quirky-Carnival Theme

The nitty-gritty kitschy Mehendi

Your Mehandi celebration may radiate a vibrant mood with these nitty-gritty kitschy accessories, such as brightly coloured teapots, photo booths, kites, pinwheels, candy floss, and so on. This creative theme makes people feel ecstatic and happy. This theme takes you back to your younger years, when you intended to marry while surrounded by chocolates and fun activities.


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