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Bar Décor Ideas For Your Wedding

Indian weddings are incomplete without the blend of entertainment and booze. The décor of your nuptials is important and so is the bar décor. The times are shifting and we are getting more modernised, apart from mandap decoration and dining aesthetics, your bar decoration should reflect the essence of your nuptials and your soul. Punjabis can’t go without including booze in their ceremony of extravagant weddings. Bar is the most important spot of your reception where you can have a sip of your favourite drink and unwind yourself. From champagnes to whiskies and mocktails, everyone wants to feel rejuvenated by happing a sip of these tasteful drinks. To make your bar décor much more appealing and complement your wedding aesthetics we have curated a list of wedding bar décor ideas which you can incorporate into your nuptials and cap off the love affair with elegance and amusement.

A Bohemian Bar 

a-bohemian-bar decor- Wedvendors
You can have a bohemian theme bar if you are someone who loves aesthetic settings. Add carved wood furniture, pampas grass, macramé wall decorations and bohemian rugs to your bar décor items. The combination of rustic brown and green will look mesmerising and add a vintage touch.

The Classy Bar


If you don’t want to go overboard with your bar décor setting, then you can opt for the classy bar décor theme. This idea is minimalistic and does not involve a lot of decorations. With a bling of this décor, you can assure of captivating your guests’ attention.

The Forest Inspired Bar


For a day wedding, organise a bar at the plush gardens or lawns of the hotel to stay connected with nature. You can have wooden décor items and fairy lights for that sophisticated touch. Rejuvenate yourself and groove to the beats under the starry sky.

The Glittering Bar 


Ultra-luxurious Indian weddings demand a luxurious bar and bar décor idea infused with glitter is the answer. The symmetric decoration of fairy lights and candles and the shine of the glass doors denote elegance and magnificence.

The Oh-So Quirky Bar 


Add a dash of vibrant colours to your wedding bar décor with this playful idea. Use hanging pom-poms made of different colours. You can also go for colourful floral designs if you want to stick to the classics. This idea is perfect for a day wedding.

The Tropical Theme Bar


People are going gaga over this theme décor idea. A couple who are wanderlust at heart can opt for this idea. The pink flamingos, blue shades and palm leaf designs exude tropical vibes. You can complement this bar décor idea with your tropical theme haldi or mehendi function. The stacked floral design on the top looks mesmerising.

The Vibrant Truck Bar


This bar décor idea is perfect for the Punjabis. The truck-designed bar idea is so unique and trending. The vibe of this ‘Sharab Di Gaddi’ will compel you to unwind and dance your hearts out at your nuptials. The colourful saga is enough to catch all the eyes. Take a sip of a cocktail while you dance with your best friend at the nuptial.

The Fun Circus Bar   


The Circus bar is an out-of-the-box idea that you can incorporate at your wedding. The brimming red lights and shine of gold of this bar décor idea will bring back your childhood memories. It is advised for such unique themes if the rest of your wedding had a minimal tone. This bar décor idea is perfect for a night wedding.






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